12 Ray-Ban Alternatives in 2024 – Best Dupes on the Market


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Ray-Ban sunglasses are renowned for their style and quality.

However, the price tag can be a drawback for many.

If you’re not looking to invest in an expensive pair of sunglasses, consider exploring the many Ray-Ban alternatives available online. These affordable options offer the same iconic look without breaking the bank. Discover budget-friendly sunglasses that match Ray-Ban’s style and elevate your eyewear game today.

The 12 Best Ray Ban Alternatives in 2024 – Dupes for Every Style

When creating the following list of Ray-Ban alternatives, we looked for a few different things.

As we just mentioned, we focused on price. With one exception, the following alternatives are all a lot cheaper than Ray-Bans.

But while we love cheap sunglasses, we don’t believe low-budget shades need to mean they’re low-quality. So, we chose sunglasses with fantastic reviews from brands with impressive reputations for quality.

So, while you may hear these kinds of alternative shades as “Ray-Ban dupes”, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the investment.

Finally, we looked for every version of these alternatives that we could, which means you’ll find shades that look like the following Ray-Ban models:

We’ll indicate which category each of these sunglasses fall into, but it’ll probably be obvious.

Alright, let’s dive in.

1. Runners Athletics Sprinters –$55.00

Category: Classic Alternative

We’re going to start off with our very own Runners Athletics Sprinters, a formidable alternative to the classic Ray-Bans.

With their thick-rimmed design and rounded bridge, these sunglasses exude a no-nonsense look that never goes out of style. Designed specifically for runners, the Sprinters combines iconic aesthetics with impressive engineering.

The nylon polarized lenses offer exceptional clarity, complemented by anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Thanks to their spring flex hinges and no-slip, no-bounce fit, these shades stay securely in place during intense workouts. Crafted from recycled materials, these lookalikes come with a lifetime warranty and a range of lens coatings to resist water, sweat, oil, salt water, and glare.

2. Warby Parker Harris Sunglasses – $95.00

Category: Classic Alternative

Warby Parker is another brand that has blown up in popularity by manufacturing sunglasses that look great but won’t break the bank.

Case in point: their very popular Harris models – a fantastic alternative to the Ray-Ban's classic.

Crafted with precision and value in mind, these sunglasses combine hand-polished cellulose acetate frames, akulon-coated screws, and scratch-resistant lenses.

Available in black and tortoise color options, the Harris collection embraces the timeless shape reminiscent of the iconic pair but with a more refined design.

With a price point below $100, Warby Parker is a bit on the pricier side for our list, but we’re including them because they offer incredible value, along with a wide selection of prescription lens types and colors.

You can also shop with confidence knowing that Warby Parker is a customer-focused brand known for exceptional service. The company also offers a six-month, no-scratch guarantee for prescription lenses.

3. Blenders M Class X2 – $59.00

Category: Classic Alternative

Blenders Eyewear is a popular eyewear brand known for its vibrant and stylish sunglasses. They offer a wide range of designs, from classic to bold, and are recognized for their unique frame shapes and colorful lens options.

They also make a number of great sunglasses that look a lot like Ray-Ban designs.

Case in point: their M Class X2 sunglasses.

These shades offer a compelling alternative to Ray-Ban's iconic style, combining quality, comfort, and coverage. They embody a casual cool vibe that can be effortlessly worn every day.

With their dark polarized tint, these sunglasses provide excellent UV protection and effectively reduce glare.

The double stripe design on the frame by their temples adds a nice touch of uniqueness to their lightweight and sturdy frame, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

M Class X2 shades are made with PureBlend Lenses, which are known for their lightweight construction, superior clarity, and durability.

4. Blenders Cardiff Sunglasses – Clubmaster Alternative – $68.00

Category: Clubmaster Alternative

We’ve highlighted Clubmasters before when we talked about the best sunglasses for men. Their look is extremely popular amongst men and women.

Fortunately, if they’re out of your budget, Blenders Eyewear has you covered once again.

Their Cardiff sunglasses are an excellent alternative to Ray-Ban’s Clubhouse shades.

Positioned above the average beach boardwalk sunglasses yet below luxury frames, Blenders has grown its reputation by striking the perfect balance.

The Cardiff boasts a shape reminiscent of the Clubmaster but infused with Blenders' signature flair. You’ll definitely get to choose from more patterns and colors than you’ll find on the Ray-Bans site.

Designed for the party people out there, these clubmaster dupes offer a range of mirrored lens colors and bold frame options. With polarized lenses, they are ideal for beach adventures.

The Cardiff features a small-to-medium fit, making it suitable for those with narrower faces. Each pair comes with a convenient microfiber pouch, perfect for travel. Renowned for its popularity among both men and women, the Cardiff collection stands out with its unique and unexpected vintage-inspired styles.

5. Runners Athletics Cliff Sunglasses – $65.00

Category: Ray-Ban Hexagonal Alternatives

Although they’re not the most popular Ray-Bans out there, their Hexagonal Flat Lens shades are definitely making progress. They provide a very unique option compared to the traditional sunglasses you tend to see.

Not many alternatives exist that have the hexagonal shape with comparative quality to Ray-Bans, which is why we made our new Cliff Sunglasses, which have a very hexagonal look to them.

While you can wear them for a number of different occasions, we designed the Cliffs specifically for runners.

These sunglasses are lightweight, durable, and made from recycled materials, embodying sustainability and functionality.

Engineered with nylon polarized lenses, these Ray-Bans alternatives offer 100% UV protection while reducing glare and enhancing contrast. The anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective features ensure clear vision in any weather condition.

Their hinged frames provide added comfort and silicone tips ensure a secure grip and a perfect fit. Experience ultimate comfort and zero movement while wearing these amazing running sunglasses, the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.

6. Knockaround Classics Sunglasses – $28.00

Category: Classic Alternatives

Knockaround Classics sunglasses are an excellent alternative to Ray-Ban's iconic sunglasses. Priced under $30, they offer on-point style and affordability. With polarized lenses and UV400 protection, they also provide sun safety during outdoor activities.

The range of frame and lens color combinations, including customizable options is also a huge plus for these Ray-Ban alternatives. Like the Blenders shades we covered earlier, one of the big advantages of this pair from Knockaround is the huge range of options you have in terms of colors and patterns.

And at this price point, you can definitely afford to grab a few different pairs for all kinds of different outfits.

Despite this extremely budget-friendly price, they maintain durability and impact resistance. The timeless silhouette draws inspiration from classic designs of the early 1900s.

7. Knockaround Fort Knocks – $35.00

Category: Fort Knocks Alternatives

Whether you're going for a laid-back or polished look, Knockaround’s Fort Knocks are a must-have Ray-Ban dupe that will improve any outfit. Designed for medium to larger head shapes and various face shapes like round, rectangular, diamond, or oval, they offer a versatile fit.

With its timeless design – and affordable price tag – these shades have become one of Knockaround’s top sellers. Featuring polarized lenses with UV400 protection, they’ll become your go-to accessory for the beach, pool, cruising in town, or chilling with friends. These shades effortlessly combine functionality with fashion, so you won't be judged for choosing these over the real deal.

These FDA-approved lenses are also impact-resistant and display a laser etched logo detail. Plus, each pair includes a protective pouch for safe storage. Get your hands on these durable, high-quality shades and elevate your style game.

8. Kaliyadi Classic Trendy Sunglasses – $15.98

Category: Clubmaster Alternatives

Another cheap alternative to the Clubmasters is the Kaliyadi Classic Trendy Sunglasses, which boast a classic Clubmaster style with modern designs, providing clear vision and lightweight, ergonomic frames for ultimate comfort. Engineered to be impact-resistant and exceptionally durable, they outperform other plastic and glass lenses, offering scratch resistance and longevity.

Featuring TAC polarized lenses, these sunglasses provide 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB & UVC rays, eliminating glare and reducing eye fatigue. Perfect for outdoor activities like driving and fishing, they also serve as a fashionable accessory for year-round daily wear.

The comfortable nose pad ensures a stable and non-slip fit, while the package includes two classic sunglasses, two microfiber pouches, two glasses cleaning cloths, and a gift box.

At only $15.98, you’re definitely not going to get the same exact quality that you’d expect from Ray-Bans or any many of the other dupes on this list, but if you’re literally just looking for sunglasses that look great and won’t cost you a ton, these are still a great choice.

9. The Cloos x Brady – $179.99

Category: Classic Alternatives

On the other end of the spectrum – in terms of Clubmaster alternatives – there is the Cloos x Brady sunglasses that are easily the most expensive option on our list.

So, why are we including them if they basically cost the same as Ray-Bans?

Because these shades are a collaboration between Christopher Cloos and all-time great, Tom Brady.

This fun collab blends vintage-inspired iconic design with sustainable materials.

Brady’s shades showcase timeless frames using premium biodegradable Italian Acetate / M49 Mazzucchelli.

With polarized CR39 lenses, durable spring hinges, and a comfortable one-size-fits-all design, these sunglasses offer both style and practicality. The premium Scandinavian design features soft squared edges and elegant silver elements inspired by Tom Brady's winning achievements.

And, given he now lives in Tampa, it’s probably no surprise that these shades come with polarized UV protection against UVA and UVB rays without compromising clarity.

10. Polarspex Polarized Sunglasses – $15.98

Category: Classic Alternatives

While Polarspex Polarized Sunglasses are a great alternative to any of the Ray-Ban pairs we all know and love, we’re specifically looking at the tortoiseshell version of the Polarspex Polarized Sunglasses.

In general, Polarspex makes one of the most popular dupes on the entire list and the price certainly helps.

But that’s not the only reason to love these Polarspex shades.

Their lightweight plastic frames feature the iconic shape with contrasting rivets, reminiscent of the original design. With an impressive selection of 60 frame and lens color combinations, you can find your perfect style. These are yet another pair of Ray-Bans alternatives that provide 100% UV (UVA & UVB) protection with TAC polarized antiglare lenses, making them perfect for fishing, driving, and outings.

Their unbreakable high-quality construction, with a 52mm lens width, 43mm lens height, and 15mm bridge, ensures durability and comfort. Each pair comes with a free premium felt storage case, adding a touch of luxury. Step out in style with Polarspex Polarized Sunglasses.

11. Runners Athletics Aviators – $68.00

Category: Ray-Ban Aviator Alternatives

Finally, let’s end with two high-quality alternatives to Ray-Bans aviators.

The Runners Athletics Mavers Aviator Sunglasses are another option we created to give people an affordable dupe that still looks and feels fantastic.

These sunglasses prioritize exceptional performance and protection, featuring UV400 nylon polarized lenses for optimal eye safety and clarity. With anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, they ensure uninterrupted visual performance during your runs. The lightweight frames offer comfort without distractions, while the no-slip, no-bounce feature guarantees a secure fit.

Just like all of our other shades, these sunglasses embrace sustainability. But even though they’re made from recycled materials, they still have a stylish look and comfortable large size.

Mavers Aviators Sunglasses deliver advanced features, durability, and style for runners who demand the best. Elevate your running game with Mavers, the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.

12. Tomahawk Landfills Shades – $70.00

Category: Ray-Ban Aviator Alternatives

Ray-Ban's aviator glasses have long held the title of best-selling sunglasses, thanks to their iconic design and military origins. However, a plethora of more affordable options have entered the market. We’re going to cover a few in this list, starting with Tomahawk Shades Landfills sunglasses.

Tomahawk Shades Landfills sunglasses are a remarkable alternative to Ray-Ban's aviator sunglasses.

These classic aviator shades feature large smoky gray lenses made with Halcyon+ polarized protection and are even FDA approved for impact resistance.

Their style points come from lightweight stainless-steel frames paired with internal spring hinges on the arms for ultimate comfort.

With thin metal frames and reflective lenses reminiscent of the Ray-Ban aviators, Tomahawk Shades delivers exceptional style at a significantly lower price point. The lenses are both UV400 rated and polarized, ensuring optimal protection against harmful UV rays.

Furthermore, Tomahawk Shades offers an excellent warranty, providing the convenience of replacing your sunglasses twice if they break, get lost, or are stolen. With their silver frame, stainless steel construction, and silver polarized lenses, the Tomahawk Shades Landfills sunglasses offer a fantastic alternative to Ray-Ban aviators without compromising on style, quality, or protection.

Best Places to Buy Ray-Bans Online

Without a doubt, the best place to find Ray Ban alternatives is on Amazon.

You can literally just search for “Ray-Ban alternatives” on Amazon to see other popular choices.

Of course, in some cases, you can’t find the above shades on Amazon, so you’ll need to click the provided links above and search the sites for other options.

Why Are Ray-Bans Cheaper on Amazon?

A quick note on Amazon: please, please, PLEASE check the reviews for any pair of shades, ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for actual Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Some of the wording in the product names can be misleading (to say the least), which means you may think you’re getting an INCREDIBLE price on a pair of Ray-Bain lookalikes, only to find out you’ve wasted your money on a pair of sunglasses that will need to be replaced in a couple of weeks.

When looking at the product image, look for the RB and model number engraved onto the left frame where it sits by the temple.

If you go ahead with the order, be sure to inspect the shade’s quality closely. Ray-Bans are very light, which can make them feel “cheap.” So, if they feel heavy or bulky, that’s probably actually a better sign that they might be made from low-quality materials.

Any rough patches or flaws are also a sign they might not be the real McCoy.

Check the product description. If you bought a pair of Ray-Ban Crystal sunglasses, their lenses should be glass. In that case, once you receive your pair, tap the lenses gently to confirm they’re not just polycarbonate (like other Ray-Bans are).

Examine the nose pad, too. There should be a small Ray-Ban symbol etched into the center of the metal. You’ll also notice the logo on the lenses, too.

The famous logo should also appear on the right lens in the top right-hand corner.

Lastly, pay attention to the packaging these shades come in. Genuine Ray-Bans are accompanied by a leather pouch bearing their logo on the fastening, a prominent logo on the front, a booklet, and a cleaning cloth.

For other popular sunglasses – including alternatives to name brands – check out our other listicles on the best sunglasses for men and the best sunglasses for women.

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