What Are Booty Shorts? They're Not Just Shorts

Woman in black booty shorts

What are booty shorts?

Booty shorts are much more than just short shorts—they’re actually a lot shorter.

For decades, they were known as hot pants, primarily worn for working out or making a statement on the dance floor.

Today, booty shorts have once again become hugely popular with all kinds of women for various activities, offering both style and functionality.

Booty Shorts vs. Short Shorts - They're Not the Same

Though they may seem like they're cut from the same cloth, booty shorts and short shorts are actually quite different.

Booty shorts are all about that flexible and comfy material that hugs your curves in all the right places, highlighting your best assets. Many versions are so revealing that they earn the term, “cheeky shorts.”

On the other hand, short shorts don't quite deliver that same confidence boost you get from rocking booty shorts. They usually go to about mid-thigh and keep the same length throughout – as opposed to booty shorts that may have slits up the side and a higher cut in the back.

Most women already own a pair of short shorts. The kind we’re talking about leave a little less to the imagination but still pack a punch style-wise.

Booty Shorts vs. Biking Shorts vs. Running Shorts

We should also draw a quick distinction between two other types of shorts that tend to be a bit more on the minimalist side but still don’t qualify as the “booty” variety.

While you can definitely wear booty shorts for a wide range of fitness activities – from plyometrics to CrossFit – they probably wouldn’t be a good choice to replace your current pair of biking shorts. The type designed for pushing yourself hard on a cycle are made with a lot more material to protect from wear-and-tear and even some grip to make sure you stay upright during tight turns.

Running shorts are a lot closer to the type we’re talking about, but they’re usually not quite as snug. A lot of running shorts are designed specifically for sprints, too, which usually means no pockets.

And as opposed to biking and running shorts, booty shorts can come in a wide range of materials, too – everything from cotton to spandex to denim (think Daisy Dukes).

6 Reasons Women Love Booty Shorts

Booty shorts have become a staple in women’s wardrobes all over the world. No matter what your personal style entails, these shorts will be a great addition.

But in case you need more convincing, let’s look at why booty shorts are seemingly everywhere these days, starting with (probably) the most obvious factor…

1. Booty Shorts Make You Look GREAT

Short shorts might have had their moment in the sun, but booty shorts have truly revolutionized the game by giving women the perfect article of clothing for delivering a hearty dose of oomph.

After all, if you’ve put in the effort, year after year, to sculpt that amazing booty of yours, you don’t want a pair of shorts that’s not going to show off the results – much less ones that will actually flatten those curves.

Booty shorts are specifically designed to accentuate your backside and those killer thighs, making them the perfect choice even for women who might not spend a ton of time in the gym. These shorts don’t just hug your booty and thighs but also offer a flattering high-waisted fit.

2. Booty Shorts Are SUPER Comfortable

When it comes to comfort, booty shorts take the crown and outshine just about every other option for women. They're specifically designed to provide the kind of comfort that you won't find with any other option.

Booty shorts also feature a high-waisted elastic band that saves you from the constant hassle of pulling them back up every time you bend over. Talk about convenience!

Furthermore, these shorts usually offer a spandex-like flexibility and stretchiness, unlike the cotton blend typically found in short shorts. The beauty of booty shorts lies in their form-fitting nature, accentuating your curves while ensuring optimal comfort.

If you’re a woman who loves leggings because their form-fitting design makes you super comfortable, then it’s definitely worth adding a pair of these shorts to your rotation for those warmer months.

3. Booty Shorts Breathe

Along the same lines, booty shorts are usually extremely breathable, too, which is another big factor that makes them so comfortable for a whole host of activities.

They are designed to provide the wearer with optimal airflow, especially in those intimate areas, ensuring that moisture is kept at bay.

And booty shorts made with MicroModal – a fabric similar to silk – are designed to be moisture-wicking, so you can confidently go about your day feeling fresh and clean, unlike short shorts that simply can't deliver the same comprehensive breathability down under.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to your personal comfort and hygiene, booty shorts with micromodal fabric take the lead.

Embrace the freedom of movement, the breathability, and the confidence that comes with wearing these super-breathable shorts.

4. Shorts Are Actually Very Practical

Now, let's talk about practicality.

Another advantage of the form-fitting nature of booty shorts is that they won’t ride up or otherwise cause discomfort like normal shorts often do, especially during a lot of workouts.

With their loose and non-form-fitting design, short shorts tend to ride up and create those pesky wedgies that are just plain awkward to deal with in public. Booty shorts, on the other hand, offer day-long comfort without the constant need for adjustments that short shorts demand.

So, why settle for anything less than all-day comfort when you can have booty shorts that keep you feeling fabulous without any hassle?

Say goodbye to wedgies and constant readjustments and embrace the practicality that booty shorts will bring to your life.

5. Booty Shorts Are All About Versatility

As we’ve touched on numerous times now, their streamlined design is a major reason short shorts stand apart from other options.

Among other things, this unique attribute means you can even wear booty shorts discreetly underneath your clothing, completely unnoticed.

Yes, you heard that right!

You can confidently slip them under tight pants like jeans because the front seams of booty shorts are cleverly positioned on the outside, ensuring they maintain their structure while eliminating those pesky panty lines we all despise.

Booty shorts offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to wear them under your pants without any telltale signs, while also providing exceptional comfort for those long days at the office, shopping sprees, or simply running errands.

But wait, there's more!

Booty shorts can also be your secret weapon under dresses or skirts, giving you that extra bit of coverage you desire for confidence. No more worrying about unexpected gusts of wind or holding back on the dance floor at the club. The snug fit of booty shorts keeps them hidden beneath that fabulous tight dress you bought for Saturday night.

With booty shorts, you have the freedom to wear them discreetly under your clothing, while enjoying the added comfort and coverage they provide.

And when the time for formality is over, you already have a great pair of shorts you can wear to the gym, out on the trail, or even to your favorite bar patio.

6. Booty Shorts Are Perfect for All Kinds of Activities

Booty shorts are just as durable, too. With a combination of comfort, flexibility, breathability, and long-lasting quality, these shorts are the perfect companion for all your active moments, whether it's a busy day or an entire week of adventures.

Imagine hitting the gym or embarking on a challenging two-mile hike to your favorite lookout.

Booty shorts are there to support you every step of the way.

Unlike other types of shorts, which often have a loose fit and limited coverage, booty shorts give you the freedom to move without restrictions. No need to worry about that awkward moment when a squat or lunge reveals more than you intended for everyone to see.

Booty shorts have got you covered—literally!

You can confidently perform all your squats, lunges, and crunches without a care in the world, knowing that what's sacred remains perfectly concealed. It's the perfect balance of coverage and the opportunity to showcase that fabulous booty you've been working hard on throughout those winter months.

And while some versions might be a bit too revealing for certain outings, you’re seeing more and more women wear these fashionable shorts out-and-about for all kinds of reasons.

What to Wear with Booty Shorts – 9 Options to Complete Your Outfit

Finally, before we give you some great places to look for your new favorite pair of shorts, we want to leave you with some fun ways to wear them.

1. A Crop Top

Woman in crop top and booty shorts

Crop tops are the OG pairing for booty shorts. This combination goes all the way back to the “hot pants” hay days of the 70s, but it’s still very much in style these days.

If you are spending a laid-back day with friends or family in the comfort of your own backyard, and you're in the mood for a casual yet stylish outfit, look no further than a pair of booty shorts paired with a trendy crop top. It's the perfect ensemble to effortlessly elevate your casual vibe.

To complete the look, add a pair of comfy flip flops. This outfit is ideal for those bright sunny days when the mere thought of sweating makes you cringe. You can stay cool, comfortable, and fashionable all at once.

2. A Tank Top

Woman in tank top and booty shorts

Tank tops and booty shorts are another fashionable combo that has stood the test of time.

Whether you choose one with your favorite sports team’s logo emblazoned across it or decide on a simple, monochromatic option, tank tops are always a safe bet to wear with your favorite pair of short shorts for hitting the gym, attending outdoor events, or enjoying a casual happy hour with friends.

The versatility of this combo knows no bounds. It's a winning choice for workouts, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability as you crush your fitness goals. When it comes to outdoor events, a tank top and booty shorts combo keeps you cool, stylish, and ready to soak up the sun. And let's not forget the laid-back vibe it brings to casual gatherings.

3. A Sports Bra

woman in sports bra and booty shorts

When it comes to picking an outfit for working out, you can never go wrong with booty shorts and a sports bra.

To complete the look, slip into a pair of sleek white sneakers that effortlessly harmonize with the sports bra you've decided on. This combination creates a cohesive and stylish ensemble, ensuring that every element of your outfit comes together seamlessly.

4. An Off-the-Shoulder Top

Woman in off the shoulder top and booty shorts

Picture a pair of high-waisted booty shorts, flawlessly paired with a printed off-shoulder top that exudes feminine charm. To elevate the look even more, slip into a pair of chic pointed-toe ankle boots.

But we're not done yet!

Accessorizing is key to completing this type of iconic outfit.

So, add a touch of whimsy with a pink bag that perfectly complements the color scheme. And don’t forget the jewelry. You don’t want to leave your neck bear, but even a simple necklace can be the winning centerpiece of this fun outfit.

5. A Big, Baggy Sweatshirt

woman in baggy sweatshirt and booty shorts

This might seem like a strange outfit to highlight given that most people won’t really be able to see your shorts if you have a big enough sweatshirt covering it up.

But c’mon. It’s SO comfortable and looks cute, too.

Another nice thing about this look is that it really doesn’t matter what color the shorts are because they really won’t be seen. So, you can pretty much pair your shorts with any sweatshirt you want.

To perfectly round out the ensemble, opt for a pair of low-top shoes or even casual running shoes. This choice ensures that your footwear complements the relaxed and comfortable vibe of the outfit, enhancing the overall casual appeal.

6. Your Favorite Jerseys

woman in jersey and booty shorts

A similar option is to throw on your favorite sports team’s jersey. Football, baseball, and hockey jerseys will produce a similar effect as wearing these shorts with a big, baggy sweatshirt.

But plenty of women can pull off the look with a basketball jersey, too, which is a fantastic choice if you plan on spending time outside in hot weather.

7. A Zip-Up Top

woman in a zip up top and booty shorts

A cute zip-up top is a really fun – and still fairly rare – complement to a matching pair of booty shorts.

Depending on the top you choose, there’s no reason you can’t wear this look out to coffee shops, bars, or even restaurants.

But a lot of women also embrace this look for the gym.

While almost any zip-up top will do, the key is to find the option that perfectly complements the shorts and adds an extra layer of style to your ensemble.

Just like the shorts themselves, this ensemble is the perfect example of something you can wear for a range of different activities.

8. A Puff-Sleeved Top

woman in puff sleeved top and booty shorts

For something just a tad dressier, find the perfect puff-sleeved top to go with your favorite pair of booty-accentuating shorts.

Add a touch of playful charm by choosing a fun pattern for your booty shorts, especially if your puff-sleeved top has a simpler design. This way, you can create an interesting contrast while maintaining a sense of visual harmony.

By opting for booty shorts with a more relaxed fit and selecting patterns that coordinate with your top, you'll achieve a cohesive and stylish ensemble.

9. Fishnet Leggings

harley quinn in booty shorts

Admittedly, this look is not for everyone and DEFINITELY not for just any old occasion.

This is for concerts, festivals, the occasional party, and, sure, if you’re Margot Robbie.

And if your goal is turning heads, it’s hard to think of a more effective pairing.

Add a crop top to your look and you’re already for one hell of a good time.

Where to Buy Booty Shorts in 2024


As we mentioned at the beginning, these shorts are more popular than ever, so it won’t be hard to find all kinds of options for your personal style and unique needs based on activities.

Still, we want to finish this piece by giving you some great place to look for booty shorts in 2024:

  • PrettyLittleThing probably has the best all-around options for stylish booty shorts of all sizes and styles. So, whether your goal is style, function, or a mix of both, you’ll love their selection (including the prices).
  • Fashion Nova has cornered the market when it comes to denim booty shorts. You’ll find any color or style you could want and, once again, prices that you’ll absolutely love. Definitely take a look at their inventory to get ready for this summer.
  • Gymshark has become synonymous with stylish workout gear, so it makes sense that they have their own line of booty shorts designed specifically for women who love to lift. Their shorts definitely cover a lot more leg than the majority of other options out there, but that can be a good thing if you do deep squats or lots of stretching.
  • iHeartRaves has you covered (well, not really) if you want the kinds of booty shorts that draw attention and ramp up sex appeal to the highest levels. While they’re obviously made for raves, their inventory of shorts is perfect for any occasion when you want to have a good time and look great doing it.

Did we forget any fashion tips? Leave off any online stores that offer great booty shorts? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll update this article.  

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