The 21 Best Sunglasses for Women in 2024

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Women have always enjoyed a wide variety of sunglasses, whether prioritizing form, function, or a blend of both.

In 2024, the selection is better than ever for women seeking new shades.

With countless options from hundreds of manufacturers, you’ll find styles inspired by global trends and timeless designs. Discover the perfect pair of sunglasses that combine style and practicality, and stay ahead of the fashion curve this year. Explore our curated list to find your ideal shades for every occasion.

The 21 Best Women’s Sunglasses in 2024

While it’s always nice to have options, if you’re hoping to buy sunglasses sometime soon, the prospect of considering every single pair of shades probably isn’t a very welcoming one.

That’s why we compiled a list of the best sunglasses for women in 2024. And we even broke them down by category, so it’s easy to find the perfect pair of shades for your unique needs.

1. The Best Overall Sunglasses for Women

We start this list of sunglasses trends with the best overall sunglasses for women in 2024. And, yes, we’re giving it to our very own Runners Sunglasses. They comprise three different models:

  • Olympians: Coming in four diverse styles, these lightweight shades offer great protection from the sun's rays. With anti-fog lenses, you can wear these during sports, jogging, or any other strenuous activity without fear of a loss of vision. Not to mention, one of the latest sunglasses trends is the use of recycled materials. These sunglasses follow that style, meaning they are eco-friendly, as well.


  • Spartans: This choice in Runners sunglasses comes in a total of six styles. From a plain, simple black choice to a tortoiseshell color scheme. Each one matches well with its lens color choice to create a fashionable and functional accessory.
  • Sprinters: The thick temples and well-shaped legs of these sunglasses help to keep them balanced well on your face. They have a no-slip and no-bounce design that contributes to their stability, so are perfect for any active user.


While you choose the sunglasses you want, remember that each of them comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Should the worst happen, and you find yourself with damage to your frames or lenses, you can contact Runners, and for a small processing fee, they will take your glasses in and replace them with a brand-new pair.

Cost: $49-$55.00

2. The Best Women’s Sunglasses for Tennis

Sunglass trends for women often follow the lines of sports, fashion, and displays of wealth. While the rest of our list of sunglasses for women in 2024 will touch on the other two, this pair of shades is another that’s perfect for athletic ladies – specifically, those who play tennis.

The Bolle Bolt Sunglasses exist purely for those women who like to play on the court regularly. The lenses have a teal green tint, so they prevent some of the worst light from reflecting off of the court while allowing perfect clarity of the ball.

This choice for sunglasses is also useful because of their high protection guarantees. The Bolle Bolts claim to deflect 100% of the sun's UV rays. They’re perfect for long periods outside, acing your opponent.

Cost: $170.00

3. The Best Women’s Sunglasses for Golf

Smaller balls and longer green patches might be more your thing. If this is the case, then you might instead want to look at the Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses.

Coming in eight different styles, these are strong, modern frames that belie their lightweight nature. They are also durable, with shatterproof lenses that can withstand golfing accidents with ease.

Because you need to look down at your ball when swinging, you want to know that sunglasses you wear will stay on your face, too. You do not need to worry with the Tifosi Jet Wraps, as their nose piece offers significant grip without becoming uncomfortable or sweaty.

And if you’re worried about the distracting weight that these will put onto your head, don’t. These sunglasses are only 26 grams, so you can focus on what matters most: lowering your handicap.

Cost: $29.95

4. The Best Women’s Sunglasses for the Beach

You know the worry. You are going to the beach, you have everything ready, you start sunbathing, and your face feels hot. Your metal sunglasses have started absorbing the sun's rays, but you cannot remove them as they are protecting your eyes.

This is where Cloudfield’s Wooden Sunglasses come in.

Instead of harsh, metal surfaces, they use organic and natural woods to protect your face and eyes from the sun. With polarized lenses, you don’t have to worry about your eyes and can relax in peace when you’re at the beach.

It is not only the build of these sunglasses that is intriguing, but also their design. Cloudfield's sunglasses have a pleasing shape that helps them stand out from the competition. At the same time, the wood finish is both unique and refreshing compared to others.

These sunglasses also come with many other accessories such as a case and cloth, so you do not need to worry about buying extras.

Cost: $59.99

5. Best Aviator Sunglasses for Women

People want aviators for two main reasons: simplicity and style, and that is what this next pair of women’s sunglasses present in spades (If you will excuse the pun).

Kate Spade’s Amarissa Sunglasses are both attractive and universal in their design. Thus, any woman can is going to look good wearing them. It does not matter the shape of your face or your fashion, these aviators will work with whatever you’re wearing

On top of that, they are not expensive sunglasses at all. You do not need to break the bank, despite the gold frames. This might be because of their thin and lightweight design, which helps contribute to their simple silhouette.

As for the lenses, they continue the gold theme of the frames, but with a tinge of pink. This coloration allows for a bright and unique image for the wearer to be proud of.

And if you like this style, check out our breakdown of the best aviators of 2024.

Cost: $57.72

6. The Best Running Sunglasses for Women

The Runners Spartans are a perfect option for any woman who likes to look stylish while they run. They are a universally comfortable shape that fits well on the nose and ears.

Because of the shape of the temples on these shades, the Spartans hook over the ears perfectly. This creates a snug and secure fit no matter how fast you run.

These running sunglasses even have fog resistance, so no matter how hard you run, your sweat and breath will not cause you any issues.

Finally, they come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping. Buying the Spartans is the standard for high-quality customer service all sunglass companies should be held to.

Cost: $49.00

7. The Best Round Sunglasses for Women

These are a beautiful set of high-contrast frames that work very well with many faces. They are also made of high-durability metal, so you can expect to hold onto them for a long time.

Isabel Marant Round Sunglasses are also adjustable. The nose pads they come with can be moved to work with your contours. This means that no matter how you look, you can assume that these sunglasses match who you are.

Because of their construction, the Isabel Marant line has a very beautiful, glossy finish. You can expect to be the talk of the town when you turn up wearing a set of these to dazzle the competition.

Cost: $265.00

8. Best Square-Shaped Sunglasses for Women

It can be hard to find a pair of oversized square sunglasses that fit all shapes and complexions, but here they are: the Tory Burch Oversized Square Logo Sunglasses.

These vintage-style sunglasses are built to work for all women and, not only that, but hold firm on all faces. Many other oversized sunglasses slide off if they are not secured, but these Tory Burch shades do not budge.

They come in black and tortoiseshell designs, allowing you to be modern or vintage depending on your personal style.

Cost: $168.00

9. Best Heart-Shaped Sunglasses for Women

Ah, the classic heart-shaped sunglasses. Nothing speaks louder than wearing two emojis on your face, but the Chloe Milane Heart Sunglasses temper that nicely. They are very trendy indeed.

Their thin frames and the use of bulbous, curved heart-shaped lenses give the spectacles a classier look. The lenses are also not too dark, allowing you to use them both inside and outdoors.

10. Best Minimalist Sunglasses for Women

One wouldn't think there was a way to be minimalist while still being extra. Still, the Bottega Veneta Minimalist 53mm Navigator Sunglasses have done it. They have found a way to appear as a piece of minimalist jewelry instead of spectacles.

These women’s sunglasses are a simple pair of sleek metal frames, with a single color for all parts of the product. The thing is, that color is gold.

The craftsmanship and creativity of this pair of sunglasses almost don't matter. But still, they are well-made, robust, and will last you for a long time. They have both, looks and utility, which is a rare combination.

Cost: $415.00

11. Best Vintage Sunglasses for Women

Big, thick, and strong. That is the summary of the Warby Parker x Rosario Dawson Essex Sunglasses are something else.

It is easy to imagine Audrey Hepburn walking into a studio wearing a pair of these stylish vintage shades. They say a lot, and you have options of what they say. Coming in Mojave Mauve or Forest Green, they work with whatever fashion choice you make or complexion you have.

If you want something handmade, these glasses are also for you. They have been hand-polished to give a beautiful sheen that is a perfect complement to many styles.

Cost: $95.00

12. Best Retro Sunglasses for Women

The Ray-Ban Rb3547 Oval Evolve Photochromic Sunglasses are what you might expect the smart woman in an 80s hacker movie to wear. These retro sunglasses could’ve qualified as the choice for our best minimalist pair, too. There’s very little to them – but what Ray-Ban did include does a lot in terms of style.

They have a metallic sheen that promotes an industrial look. Although, at the same time, they are lightweight and effective at protecting your eyes. These are yet another example of women’s sunglasses that perfectly combine fashion and function – a very common theme in 2024.

Cost: $133.70

13. The Best Art Deco Sunglasses for Women

There are almost 20 different designs of St. Louis Classics. They are a gorgeous example of how a single design can go in many different directions. You might imagine that this beauty forgoes function, but you would be wrong as they are thick, sturdy, and comfortable sunglasses.

They are almost the best women's polarized sunglasses around, were it not for other contenders 😊 But if you love art deco and want a pair of shades that compliments this flair for fashion, the St. Louis Classics are an easy option to recommend.

Cost: $375.00

14. The Best Designer Casual Sunglasses for Women

The name “Gucci” has become synonymous with designer fashion and women’s sunglasses is no different.

Case in point: the Gucci 57mm Gradient Square Sunglasses.

These shades for women combine lightweight and a comfortable fit with a strong aesthetic. It is hard to miss someone wearing the Gucci 57mm Gradient Square Sunglasses, because of how in-your-face they are.

With a simple design and classic motif, you cannot go wrong with these.

Cost: $320.00.00

15. The Best Luxury Sunglasses for Women

There are countless options out there for women, but our choice for the best pair of luxury sunglasses for women is a sneaky winner.

At first glance, they appear to be like many other sets of sunglasses, but as head turns, they’ll notice how the Bottega Veneta sunglasses are something else entirely.

A single pair of golden stripes along the temples mark these items out as designer and luxury. This flair is classy, subtle, and intended to show you as a cut above the rest.

Cost: $455.00

16. The Best Oval Sunglasses for Women

As these shades are inspired by The Matrix movies, you might forget that they stand apart as their own well-designed sunglasses, too. They look well-made, and their two nose bridges create a frame that suits face shapes for a wide range of different women.

With a bronze finish and similar lenses, the Layla Oval Sunglasses are a classy pair of oval-lensed sunglasses. Wear them when you want to appear smart or – heck – like you are better than anyone else in the room.

Cost: $105.00

17. The Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

Fierceness is a trait inherent in cat eye sunglasses, and the Vint & York Cats Meow Sunglasses have it in droves. If you are unsure if one pair works, try for another, as there are eight different shades to choose from.

Their style also promotes comfort and a secure fit – a combination that is unfortunately rare in women’s shades. The temples of these sunglasses are well-designed to prevent bounce or slide, so you can wear them out to dinner and to go dancing later on.

Cost: $109.00

18. The Best Butterfly Sunglasses for Women

As a simple outing into the world of shades, the Balenciaga Butterfly Sunglasses are the epitome of  butterfly style of shades that have become so popular in recent years. The black or white acetate frames hide just enough of the face to create a style all their own. While the hidden hinges create a cleaner outline for the shades.

Cost: $405.00

19. Best Tortoiseshell Sunglasses for Women

Tortoiseshell shades are another example of sunglasses that have always been popular with women. But having so many options is also why finding the best pair is also such a daunting task. Still, the Kate Spade New York Women's Sheryln Cat Eye Sunglasses stand out as the perfect option in 2024.

Their solid plastic tortoiseshell frame is offset by the ridges near the front of the temples, showing the famous Kate Spade logo. It is a simple section but speaks volumes for the shades' quality in their brand.

Kate Spade has chosen a slight curve to the front of these frames, which is another way this option stands out from the other options for women. This feature also increases comfort tenfold, so expect to want to use these tortoiseshell sunglasses in many different venues moving forward.

Cost: $79.12

20. Best Square Sunglasses for Women

Finally, as designer sunglasses, the Erika Classic 54mm Sunglasses have a striking difference between the front frames and the temples. The nylon at the front is offset by a silver set of arms that create a look that feels almost like the glasses are floating.

And yet, we’ve included these on our list of the best sunglasses for women because of their categorization as the iconic square sunglasses.

On top of their many impressive features, the oversized shape of these iconic pairs will draw the eye of everyone within a ten-foot radius. Get ready for lots of questions from other women about where you got them.

Cost: $155.00

21. The Best Women's Sunglasses if You're on a Budget

It's always good to have a good pair of cheap shades you can out without worrying too much if something happens to them. Ideally, they always return home with you, but if you want a pair of sunglasses you could lose without losing your mind, Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses have the perfect option for women.

As you can see, they definitely don't look cheap. In fact, their vintage look makes them look like they might come with quite the price tag.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. At just $14.99, you could easily justify picking up more than one pair of these very attractive sunglasses.

Cost: $14.99

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