The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Cyclists

Updated 6.6.21

Few athletes consider their equipment with as much care and attention as cyclists. They are obsessed with every last detail, making sure everything from their wheels to their socks are literally pulling their own weight.

We made Runners Sunglasses because we respect this attention to detail from people who live active lifestyles. Our ultralight polarized sunglasses are perfect for cyclists who want protection from the sun during their long rides.

It doesn’t hurt that they look really cool, too.

Casual Cycling Sunglasses Armed with UV400 Protection

No serious cyclist takes to the road without a helmet. The entire goal is to propel yourself forward at incredible speeds. If anything interrupts that process, a helmet could save your life.

Casual cycling sunglasses should also play a role – albeit a less dramatic one – in your safety. All those hours of pedaling in bright sun can take a real toll on your eyes.

Protect them with our polarized UV400 sunglasses. They’ll keep the sun’s dangerous UV rays from pounding on your peepers and their antiglare technology will ensure you’re always able to keep track of the road ahead.

No-Slip Sunglasses That Will Stay with You Until the Finish Line

Nothing ruins a good ride like having to stop before you’ve reached the end. That’s why we designed our polarized sunglasses so that they don’t slip. You’ll never have to quit pedaling because they fell off your face.

Spring hinges will lightly hug our sunglasses to your face, keeping them in place as you take tight corners or pedal into the wind.

Ultralight Polarized Sunglasses That Are Still Big on Style

Finally, we know that cyclists will do anything to keep dead weight from slowing them down. That’s why our casual cycling sunglasses weigh only 26 grams. You’d probably forget they were even there if it weren’t for the UV400, polarized lenses.

Because we made the frames from polycarbonate, “lightweight” doesn’t mean fragile. Take them with you wherever the road leads. They’re ready for an adventure.

Ride with Them for 100 Days to Make Sure You Love Them

We’re so sure you’ll love these polarized sunglasses as much as other cyclists that we’re happy to give you 100 days to ride with them. If you’re not as convinced as we are that they’re the best, just send them back and we’ll refund your money – no questions asked!

Check out our selection.

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