The 21 Best Sling Bags of 2023 for Men and Women

Man wearing a black sling bag

Sling bags have become one of the biggest fashion trends of the last couple of years.

While fanny packs started regaining popularity about a decade ago, in the last year or two, it’s become significantly more likely to see celebs like Hugh Jackman and Sarah Jessica Parker wearing sling bags across their bodies.

So, whether you’re looking for a little extra storage space, a new favorite fashion accessory, or a little bit of both, let’s look at which crossbody sling bags are your best options in 2023.

What Exactly Is a Sling Bag?

Up until recently, a "sling bag" was often called a "messenger bag" and referred to the types of bags that bike messengers would sling over their backs while doing their deliveries.

In 2023, a smaller version of this utilitarian bag has become one of the go-to fashion statements for people who need a little extra storage space when heading out. Hence, the birth of the sling bag.

So, in many ways, a sling bag is really just a fanny pack that's designed to (usually) be a bit smaller, making it more comfortable to wear across the chest.

The 21 Best Crossbody Sling Bags of 2023

When assessing the best crossbody sling bags on the market, we considered a few different factors:

  • Price: We have options for every budget
  • Utility: You’ll find big and small options that fit every need from extra pocket space to legitimate travel accessory
  • Material: We know a lot of people have preferences when it comes to the materials they wear
  • Style: Our list includes a plethora of different styles – enough to fit any fashion sense

With all that said, let’s dive right into the first sling bag on our list.

1. GoTo All Day Sling Bag – $19

At Runners, we only jumped on the sling bag trend after realizing there was a ton of demand for a very specific version.

While plenty of awesome fanny packs for men and women already exist, a lot of people wanted one they could wear:

  1. Across their bodies (i.e., as a sling bag)
  2. Throughout the day, no matter the activity
  3. With any outfit – athletic, casual, or formal

If that sounds familiar, then there’s good news: we designed our sling bag for you.

So, if you want a little extra storage space without having to support a full-on backpack across your body, give ours a look. This bag comes in black or gray and with a minimalist style that makes it perfect for any outfit.

So, whether you want a sling bag to join you on your long-distance runs, walks with your dog, or just to carry all your essentials as you go out with friends, the GoTo All Day Sling Bag has you covered. It’s antimicrobial, anti-stain, and anti-stink, so you can easily take this bag from the trail to the coffee shop or bar without worrying that you’re bringing the worst parts of your workouts with you.

And that’s not all.

The mesh padding makes our sling bag extremely comfortable, but we know your main priority is storage, so we ensured the main pocket is easily accessible with double zips. It has an internal compartment for easy organization. There’s even a special security pocket for the valuables you couldn’t live without.  

With the cheapest price tag on this list, free shipping, AND a lifetime warranty, there’s no reason not to give our popular sling bag a shot.

Gray Renew Transit Bag by Everlane

2. Renew Transit Bag by Everlane - $40

If you're after a minimalistic, simple look, without any erroneous bells and whistles, the Renew Transit bag by Everlane is a strong pick. 

We'd rate the Renew Transit bag as one of the best options for leisure travel. Its soft, slouchy fabric makes for easy packing into a suitcase. The paired back design also renders this bag ideal if you want something that can do double-duty.

Whether on a trail or out and about in the city, the Renew Transit bag won't look out of place. 

Speaking of doing double-duty, like a lot of bags on this list, the Renew Transit bag can be worn as both a fanny pack around your waist and a sling bag across your body. 

Besides being practical and versatile, everything except the zippers on this bag is made from 100% recycled materials. 

Blue GREENROOM136 Metrorunner Sling Bag

3. GREENROOM136 Metrorunner Sling Bag - $23

It's not often you can find a budget-friendly bag option that's made from high-quality materials. Although the GREENROOM136 Metrorunner sling will only run you $23, it's constructed with some heavy-weight materials, including 1000D CORDURA nylon, water-resistant zippers, and a YKK side release buckle. 

To top things off, the shoulder strap's fitted with a cushy layer of padded EVA foam. 

As far as the interior goes, this no-nonsense bag features two main compartments, as well as a series of secret pockets that you'll have to find yourself – because they're, well, secret. 

But what really impresses us about the GREENROOM136 Metrorunner sling is it's designed especially for comfort while walking, jogging, or even running. If you choose to use the side compression straps, this will help to keep the bag stable on your body.  

Overall, we'd rate the Metrorunner as the best sling bag if you're on a tight budget. 

Blue Porter-Yoshida & Co. Force Sling Bag

4. Porter-Yoshida & Co. Force Sling Bag - $255

On the opposite end of the price spectrum, we have the Force sling bag by Porter-Yoshida & Co.

If you're unfamiliar with the brand, you might be wondering why anyone would need to pay upwards of 300 bucks for a sling bag.

Porter-Yoshida & Co. started in 1935 by creating bags for carrying life-saving items after the Great Kantō earthquake. Today, they have become a cult favorite, thanks to their practical, simple designs and top-notch Japanese craftsmanship. 

This particular Porter-Yoshida & Co bag design embodies the essence of the brand. The exterior is a robust canvas construction, with durable zippers, and an adjustable strap. 

If you were thinking the Force sling bag is all work no play, you'll get a surprise when you get a glimpse of the upbeat bright orange interior, kitted out with a plethora of well-thought-out interior compartments for organizing your items like you're Mari Kondo. 

Black Tumi Tahoe Bozeman Sling Bag

5. Tumi Tahoe Bozeman Sling Bag - $325

Another luxury brand that's nailing it on the sling bag front is Tumi. The brand is a leader in luxury travel accessories and their pieces are usually a seamless marriage of style, function, and durability. 

The Tumi Tahoe Bozeman bag is no exception.

The sleek, high-end design manages to look both smart and practical at the same time. This is another sling bag that can easily take you from a hike right through the day to a gallery tour, or even a meal out. 

Most of the bags on our list aren't gender-specific, but if you're looking for the best men's sling bag, the Tahoe Bozeman could be a good choice. 

Of course, Tumi bags aren't just about style. Tumi incorporates safety technology for most of its pieces. This slick sling bag comes equipped with the Tumi Tracer. Tumi's proprietor program allows you to track your bag in the event of loss or theft, making the futuristic fanny pack the best sling bag for travel when you can't afford to have your valuables go missing. 

Gray Drop Bag by Mismo

6. Drop Bag by Mismo - $229

Sling bags are uber practical, but they can also be a big style statement. One look at Google Trends and you'll see that searches for sling bags have been rising over the last few years as the functional fanny pack makes a comeback in street style fits. 

However, if your main focus is creating a cohesive ensemble and you're more of a vintage guy or gal – picking out the right sling bag can be tough. Most sling bags are function-focused, veering towards, sporty, athleisure vibes. Just because Kim Kardashian has been rocking street-style slings doesn't mean this exact look is for everyone. 

If you're looking for a sling bag that's fashion-forward and will match a Burberry coat (rather than a rain jacket and pair of joggers), we'd recommend the Drop Bag by Mismo. 

The Drop Bag has to be one of the most elevated sling bags on the shelves. It comes in a variety of neutral tones, including a fine taupe herringbone pattern. Picked out with bridle leather straps and zipper edging, this sling bag is as stylish as they come.

But don't let looks deceive you, the Drop Bag isn't just a pretty shell. 

Infused with Dutch craftsmanship, this bag is crafted from handmade Italian nylon that's treated for enhanced durability and stain resistance. 

We'd also recommend it as the best sling bag for women (and men) who want to take advantage of the sling bag trend but aren't after an athleisure look. 

White Chrome Industries Tensile Sling Bag

7. Chrome Industries Tensile Sling Bag - $120

Are you after a good amount of carrying space and easy operation in your fanny pack?

If yes, the Chrome Industries Tensile sling bag offers a middle-of-the-range option that doesn't compromise on quality. 

Like the other pieces in its lineup, this medium-sized sling features a signature car seat buckle that allows you to snap and take off the bag in one quick motion. To up ease of use, there's also a conveniently situated zippered front pocket that allows you to access items without having to take the sling off. 

This is separated from the main compartment which offers enough free space for larger, bulkier items. At the back, there is another compartment for organizing smaller items which also features an operational pouch. This zipper sits closest to the body, making it tougher to pickpocket. 

As far as construction goes, the Chrome Industries Tensile sling is made from 3-layer laminated recycled nylon with polyester lining and 210D nylon ripstop.

Oh, and we almost forgot the most important part: there's a built-in bottle opener.

Green WANDRD ROAM Sling Bag

8. WANDRD ROAM Sling Bag - $109

Are you a budding (or pro) photographer?

If you're the type of person who carries their camera just about everywhere, the WNDRD ROAM sling bag might be for you. 

This 3L sling bag is small enough that it won't get in the way or weigh you down when out and about. It's also ideal for carrying a camera or device. The sling body uses ballistic nylon to ensure none of your valuables will get damp should you be caught in bad weather. 

To make double sure your gear stays dry, the bag is also kitted with water-resistant zippers. 

Internally, the WNDRD ROAM bag offers just about all the organizational features you could need in a small sling, including an adjustable divider. This is ideal for keeping sensitive items separate, such as extra camera lenses. 

On the comfort front, the 5-point strap adjustment system allows the WNDRD ROAM to fit everyone, and the air mesh back panel helps to keep back sweat at bay on those hot days. 

Finally, this neat sling bag also comes with two straps on the bottom for attaching a tripod or water bottle. 


9. WANDRD DETOUR Sling Bag - $64

If you're specifically looking for the best sling bag for carrying a camera, here is another compact option from WANDRD. What makes the WANDRD DETOUR stand out from the ROAM is it's ultra-packable. 

Once you're done using it, the DETOUR folds up into a small, compact square that you can easily stash away. When unfolded, the DETOUR offers a decent amount of storage that should house most DSLR cameras. 

Design-wise, this WANDRD sling is suave and simple. 

The one drawback to the DETOUR sling bag is it doesn't offer much in the way of protection for your camera gear. It might be the best small sling bag for saving space in a suitcase, but this feature means that you won't have the sturdiness of the vinyl used in the ROAM to buffer your gear. 

Brown Leather IVTG Genuine Leather Sling Bag

10. IVTG Genuine Leather Sling Bag - $138

It's not often you find a genuine leather sling bag these days, but we've got you covered with this beauty from IVTG. The funny thing about leather is it manages to look lux, high-end, and subtly expensive, but still gives off a casual and non-fussy vibe. 

If this is the aesthetic you're after in a sling bag, look no further than the IVTG Genuine Leather Sling Bag. Handmade and beautifully constructed from genuine cowhide that's undergone a special coloring process to imbue it with vintage feels, the IVTG leather sling is superbly suited to everyday use. 

A roomy interior offers enough space for most essentials and there's also a headphone cable hole for those of us who don't want to go Bluetooth.

The simple design and classic buckle give this leather sling a timeless look, making it a piece you can rock for years to come. Leather might not be quite as waterproof or stainproof as certain synthetic fabrics, but it has a hidden superpower. Over time, leather develops what's known as a patina, adding character and a worn-in look. Like a great pair of vintage jeans, the older a leather bag gets, the better it often looks. 

Gray DSPTCH Unit Sling Pouch

11. DSPTCH Unit Sling Pouch - $164

Are your pockets always stuffed to the max?

The DSPTCH Unit sling pouch is here to help. 

Designed specifically to house small items that are just too large (or too many) to fit comfortably in your pockets, the Unit sling pouch sports two minimal compartments. 

Constructed of super lightweight Dyneema composite fabric, this sling bag weighs a mere 7 ounces. But don't let its lightweight fool you into thinking this is a cheaply made fanny pack you can pick up at a corner store. 

The composite fabric isn't just lightweight. It's also waterproof, as are the zippers. The slim size of this sling bag also means you can comfortably wear it underneath a jacket. 

All of these features make the DSPTCH Unit sling a great option for people on the move. Going for a short hike or jog and don't know what to do with your keys? Jangling keys in your sweats pocket is the nemesis of any cardio session. 

Gray and Black BANGE Sling Bag

12. BANGE Sling Bag - $37.39

If you're pretty hard on gear and bags and are after a rugged, protective option, allow us to introduce you to the BANGE sling bag. 

Although it is very affordably priced, this might be one of – if not the best – tactical sling bag options. Have you broken a few cameras and phones in your bag while scaling trees or doing a spot of rock climbing? 

Bumping up against a hard surface isn't uncommon when you're out in the wild, but it can cost you a pretty penny in repairs or replacements when you get home. Fortunately, the folks over at BANGE have you (literally) covered.

The BANGE sling bag comes with an outer shell to protect sensitive tech no matter what terrain you're up against.

And it doesn't stop there.

The outer shell also has an anti-shock system, and the interior of the sling bag has a lining of "thickening sponge."

Finally, not only does this sling bag promise to keep your sensitive tech items safe and cozy, it even has a USB charging port. 

Gray Hazard 4 Bandoleer Sling Bag

13. Hazard 4 Bandoleer Sling Bag - $89.96

Another great option to consider if you're in need of a hard-shelled exterior in a sling bag is the Hazard 4 Bandoleer. This rugged sling bag features a thermoformed molded construction in the shell. Encased in durable, water-resistant 1000D CORDURA fabric, the thermoformed shell is designed to protect sensitive belongings from whatever nature has to throw at you. 

The 2L interior allows enough space to pack essential tech items, as well as miscellaneous must-haves like keys, wallets, flashlights, etc., without weighing you down or getting in the way of true adventuring. There is also a dedicated space designed for compatibility with defensive CCW needs. 

If you need to clip on and lash additional items, you can further extend the Hazard 4 Bandoleer's functionality with Hazard 4 HardPoint accessories. 

Brightly-patterned KAVU Rope Sling Bag

14. KAVU Rope Sling Bag - $54.95

For those that want a simple, old-school canvas design in their sling bag, KAVU comes in with a budget-friendly option in the form of their Rope Sling Bag

This simple bag has a barrage of 5-star reviews. Featuring an iconic rope shoulder strap, this sling bag serves nostalgic retro feels while still being uber practical for outdoor activities. 

Although it doesn't offer any noteworthy niche features, the KAVU rope sling bag does yield a roomy interior, perfect for packing all those items you might need for a day at the lake, hiking with the fam, or heading to the beach.

Just take note: the canvas on KAVU bags is not waterproof, so no falling in the water or hiking through cloudbursts while wearing this sling. 

If variety is the spice of life and you're tired of choosing between neutral colors, you'll be happy to know that the KAVU rope sling bag has 50+ color options to pick from. 

Gray KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

15. KL928 Canvas Sling Bag - $41.99

Struggling to choose between a backpack and a crossbody?

With the KL928, you don't have to.

Thanks to an ingenuous design hack in the KL928 sling bag, you can convert your bag back and forth from a backpack to a sling with the slide of a zipper.

How's this possible?

The genius product designers over at KL928 had the bright idea to place a zipper in the middle of the bag's sling strap.

When opened, the strap morphs into a twin pair of straps and turns the sling bag into a backpack.


This isn't the only smart idea the creators of this sling had.

They also angled the main bag zippers across the body of the bag for maximum ease of access.

If you've ever struggled with a small opening at the top of a sling bag, or an ultra-wide one that runs the length (and the danger of spilling out the contents), you'll appreciate this touch.

Black EVERGOODS CIVIC Access Sling Bag

16. EVERGOODS CIVIC Access Sling Bag - $99

If you're after a true waist bag that's not overly large, you can also check out the 2L CIVIC Access sling bag from EVERGOODS. CIVIC's Access sling is ideal if you're in need of a compact option that won't tempt you to pack in unnecessary extras. 

It incorporates 840D ballistic nylon for superior protection from moisture. The main compartment has various pockets for slotting in things like small notebooks, power banks, credit cards, etc. The front features a smaller-sized pocket that offers easy access to things you need frequently, such as your phone, wallet, etc. 

A breathable back panel helps combat sweat, and the nylon strap is easily adjustable, allowing you to wear it as a hip pack, slung over your shoulder, front, or back. 

This sling might not be as oversized as Kanye West would have his, but as most of us know, size isn't everything, especially in a sling bag. 

Black EVERGOODS Mountain Hip Pack

17. EVERGOODS Mountain Hip Pack - $119

It's always great to travel light, but sometimes a 2L sling bag just won't do the trick.

If so, EVERGOODs has another option for those occasions when you need just that bit extra carrying space in your sling. 

Their Mountain Hip Pack offers an additional 1.5L of extra stowage than the CIVIC access, while still sporting a sleek, streamlined design. Its simplicity and moderate size make the Mountain Hip Pack suited to active use in a variety of settings.

Like the CIVIC access sling, this iteration also has a breathable mesh back and dual side straps that make for convenient adjustment. A useful range of pockets renders organizing your essentials simple and a wide opening offers easy access. 

Black NOMATIC Navigator Sling Bag

18. NOMATIC Navigator Sling Bag - $129

The best sling bag for keeping your possessions secure has to be the NOMATIC Navigator.

Whether you're commuting via public transport or traveling in unknown parts, the NOMATIC Navigator Premium Everyday Sling has you covered from all angles.

This versatile sling bag feature various anti-theft features, including an RFID blocking safe pocket, tamper-proof zippers, and a hidden key leash. There's room to connect your actual dog's leash, too. The bag sports a cardholder in the strap, perfect for pulling out transit cards without having to remove your wallet. Even the water bottle holder is hidden for extra security.

Besides these theft-deterrent design elements, this sling bag also offers protection from the weather with a water-resistant semi-hard shell. The study exterior is ideal for safeguarding sensitive devices from mild impacts.

On the interior, the Navigator is designed to give you organization opportunities down to the very last square inch. The 5+ pockets even feature cable organization functionality and enables you to charge devices between pockets.

Blue Bellroy Venture Sling Bag

19. Bellroy Venture Sling Bag - $175

When it comes to ultra-functional slings, there isn't usually a whole lot of choice when it comes to colors, aesthetics, and fabrics. Most function-first sling bags come in neutral colors and the designs focus mostly on clever storage, specs, and little else. 

This is not the case with the Bellroy Venture.

The girls and boys over at Bellroy are true textile nerds, which is why the Bellroy Venture sling bags feature some specialized fabrics, stuff you won't find on many other slings. 

For the Venture line, they have selected a vintage-style canvas that serves up some strong retro feels with its slight crinkle that's reminiscent of old-school tent canvas. But don't let the natural, almost patinaed look deceive you. After you unbox these babies, the fabric hardly ages further.

Not only is the fabric on the Bellroy Venture slings incredibly durable. It also comes in a variety of cool color combos. The colors aren't too wild, but the folks at Bellroy definitely took some time to tweak and perfect the earthy neutral palettes of the Venture slings. 

Black Chrome Kadet Sling Bag

20. Chrome Kadet Sling Bag - $95

Made from military-grade nylon, the Chrome Kadet sling bag definitely packs a punch on both the durability and functionality fronts. 

With a whopping 9L capacity, the Kadet features generous padding on the strap for extra comfort when you're loading it to the max. It also has a set of daisy chain loops for additional carrying capacity, as well as a U-lock holster for those bike rides. 

The reviews on this super-sized sling bag are littered with mentions of its incredible durability, and, like the Tensile hip pack, it also features a built-in bottle opener for those special occasions out in the wilderness. 

Blue Osprey Daylite Sling Bag

21. Osprey Daylite Sling Bag - $67.38

If traveling light is a priority, look to the Osprey Daylite sling bag.

Osprey is well-known for their lightweight hiking and travel backpacks, and they don't disappoint with the Daylite sling. True to its name, this sling bag is ultra-lightweight, clocking in at just 8.4 oz, while still boasting 6L worth of space.

On the interior, the sling is divided by a mesh organizer and has a built-in key clip. An easy-access pocket on the front offers storage for those items you may need to reach for frequently throughout the day. 

The light construction also makes this sling highly packable and space-saving. 

Although an uber-lightweight sling might not be quite as durable as something more heavy-duty, many wearers prefer this option because it’s easier on their backs.

Choosing the Best Sling Bag for Your Needs and Style

As you can see, there is no lack of sling bags out on the market in 2023.

Whether you’re looking for a casual crossbody look or you want the kind of sling pack you can wear when you travel, you’ll find at least one or two fantastic options above.

And, of course, there’s always our very popular GoTo All Day Crossbag if you’re looking for something durable, fashionable, and affordable.

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