The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Baseball and Softball

Updated 6.6.21

After the bat, ball, glove, and cleats, the most important piece of equipment for a baseball or softball player is their polarized sunglasses. Whether you’re playing indoors or at night under big lights or outdoors during the day under the biggest light, your eyes need help if you’re going to play your best.

We made Runners Sunglasses for people with active lifestyles who need shades that can keep up. You’ll love these sunglasses for baseball and softball, but they’re designed to fit your style off the field, too.

The Sun Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Have you ever stood directly below a flyball but didn’t catch it because the sun was right behind it?

Is there any worse feeling?

Do you still relive that fateful day?

You should never have to take the field worrying that the sun might be playing for the other team. You shouldn’t have to squint at the plate, making it even harder to see the pitch.

With our polarized lenses, you won’t have to worry about glare running your reputation. These sunglasses for baseball and softball will also keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays with UV400 protection.

Our No-Slip Sunglasses Will Stay in Place for all 9 Innings (and Then Some)

Whether you’re running the bases, swinging at the ball, or diving to make a catch, Runners sunglasses will be with you the entire way.

Because we made them for active people, we prioritized a no-slip design that always keeps them in place. Spring hinges gently hug the frame to your face. There’s no discomfort, just the confidence that you can play your heart out without losing your sunglasses.

We Made Extremely Comfortable, Ultralight Sunglasses

Big bulky sunglasses have no place in baseball or softball. You just can’t play your best if you’re constantly taking them off because they’re chafing your nose or pushing down on the tops of your ears.

Runners Sunglasses only weight 26 grams, but they’re not fragile. We use polycarbonate for their frames, which doesn’t weigh much but is extremely durable.

So slide into home, sweat all over them, get sunscreen or grease on the frames. Runners Sunglasses will always be ready for more.

Try Out Runners Sunglasses for 100 Days

We’re so sure you’ll love playing baseball or softball in these sunglasses that we’ll give you 100 days to see for yourself. That’s a lot of games! If you decide they’re not for you, just send them back for a complete refund – no questions asked!

Check out our selection.

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