The Best Ultra Running Sunglasses

Ultrarunning isn’t easy.

That’s what makes it so much fun!

Still, there’s no reason to make things harder on yourself by settling for running sunglasses that don’t fit, fall off, or are even painful to wear for prolonged period of times (like when you run 26+ miles).

Light, Comfortable Sunglasses That Are Perfect for Ultramarathons

We created Runners Sunglasses to be ultralight, so people could wear them for hours without needing a break. At just 26 grams, our sunglasses have become extremely popular amongst ultrarunners. If it weren’t for the UV protection, you’d hardly know they were there.

So, put on your Runners Sunglasses and attack that next ultramarathon. They won’t chafe your nose or pull down on your ears. Runners Sunglasses aren’t completely weightless – but they’re close!

Our No-Slip Sunglasses Won’t Fall Off While You’re Running

To casual joggers, slippery sunglasses are usually no big deal (unless they’re expensive).

For ultrarunners, it can be excruciatingly frustrating to have to slow down, stop, find the sunglasses, put them back on, and then get back to running at the right pace.

Our no-slip polarized sunglasses will stay in place from the very first mile to the 100th and beyond. Spring hinges ensure they grip to the sides of your head without causing any discomfort.

Keep Your Eyes Safe with UV400 Protection

The sun can do a number on your eyes, especially when you’re spending an entire day – or longer – running under its rays.

Keep your peepers safe and sound with our UV400 polarized running sunglasses. They’ll keep harmful UV rays at bay and eliminate glare, so there are no surprises when you take that next step.

How About Running with Them for 100 Days Before You Decide?

We get it. As an ultramarathoner, you won’t be sure you love Runners Sunglasses until you take them the distance.

Go right ahead.

Our risk-free refund policy gives you 100 days to decide. If they’re not for you, just send them back for a complete refund – no questions asked!

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