The 20 Best Cheap Sunglasses in 2024

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Cheap sunglasses have exploded in popularity over the last few years as manufacturers have mastered creating high-quality shades without high overheads.

If you’re in the market for sunglasses but don’t want to spend a fortune on really expensive pairs, we have good news.

Affordable sunglasses are everywhere these days, offering plenty of options that look stylish and high-quality without breaking the bank. Discover the best budget-friendly sunglasses that combine great design with excellent performance.

The 20 Best Cheap Sunglasses Everyone Can Afford in 2024

To help you make your decision, we’ve listed the 20 best cheap sunglasses currently on the market in 2024.

As you’ll notice, we didn’t list any that are DIRT cheap – the kinds with frames that will easily break or lenses that won’t actually protect your eyes from the sun.

Instead, we’ve listed a wide range of shades that come in a wide range of affordable prices (only one is more than $100).

Otherwise, your new pair of cheap sunglasses is going to end up costing you a lot more as you spend money to replace them – again and again.

Alright, with that being said, let’s look at our first highly-affordable pair.

Runners Spartans are available in six cool shades with ultra-lightweight frames. They are the best cheap sunglasses made from recycled plastic with a low carbon footprint. Therefore, you can enjoy running outdoors with peace of mind that you are doing your bit to protect the environment.

Their no-slip and anti-bounce design ensure they stay in place even after long sweaty workouts. Also, the large UV400 polarized 54mm lenses have anti-fog properties and offer extra eye protection during activities.

These trendy sunglasses will take you from the office to the gym to the beach in style and comfort. They are highly durable with spring flex hinges and damage-resistant coating.

Runners Spartans suit medium to large-sized faces and will go great with both casual attire or a highly-stylized, modern outfit. The frame style looks natural on oval, round, heart, and square faces.

Check out the Runners Gladiators if you want to make a statement. You can let your individuality shine through with these trendy sunglasses available in 15 colors.

They even have classic tortoiseshell frames teamed with high-technology blue tint lenses. You can also enjoy the same frames with brown-tinted glasses. The brown tints reduce glare, while blue tints control the light. Be sure to choose the right tint to suit your activities.

At 50mm in size, the lenses are smaller than the Runners Spartans. However, they still boast the same UV400 polarized qualities that make Runners Sunglasses highly-protective.

Runners Sprinters look fantastic on small to medium-sized faces. If you’re curious about the size of your face, check the correct way to measure your face before purchasing sunglasses – even cheap ones.

As with all Runners Sunglasses, the Sprinters are anti-scratch, anti-fog, and even salt-water resistant. In reality, you could complete a triathlon without a problem with these affordable sunglasses.

Runners Olympians are lightweight and comfortable, so you could easily run a marathon and forget you are wearing them. Designed with no-slip and no-bounce ultra-grip frames, they won't move during the most demanding workouts.

Also, spring-flex hinges give them added flexibility to suit a range of face shapes and sizes. Runners Olympians have recycled materials in colors and styles that will really make you stand out for all the right reasons. For example, check out the Ranger variant – one of the most unique shades on this entire list.

The 47mm polarized UV400 protection lensesare smaller than the Sprinters and Spartans. However, they offer unrivaled eye safety for both men and women.

4. Dollger Double Lens Clip-On Sunglasses - $42.99

Check out the best-seller clip-on lenses from Dollger. Due to the stylized clip-on feature, they weigh more than others in this cheaper price range. However, they remain popular among people who love the festival and steampunk fashions.

The high-quality lenses will block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, which is always a huge plus. In addition, the simple clip-on makes them a great choice for walkers and tourists.

Unclip the sunglass lens when you enter a building and still retain a trendy glasses style. Then, when you go back into the sun, put the sunglasses lenses back on. They are a fun option for designer-inspired sunglasses at an affordable price.

5. Tifosi Optics Sledge Lite Sunglasses - $79.95

Tifosi Optics Sledge Lite offers complete coverage with a single large wrap-around polycarbonate lens. As such, Sledge Lite sunglasses are popular with sports fanatics.

The Grilamid TR-90 half-frame design gives your look a modern feel. However, they also boast exceptional safety components. For example, the bright Crystal Pink style has mirrored lenses that reduce glare.

You can change to Clarion Red lenses that block blue light. You'll find these most useful in partly-cloudy conditions. In contrast, the Matte Black and White version of Sledge Lite sunglasses boast smoke lenses for reducing water glare.

In terms of comfort, wearers enjoy increased stability from hydrophilic rubber, ventilated lenses to avoid fogginess and adjustable ear frames. Your Tifosi Optics Sledge Lite sunglasses come with a hardshell case and cleaning cloth.  

6. Cuney Sunglasses - $22.90

Say hello to an environmentally friendly summer with these cheap sunglasses.Cuney Sunglasses feature bulky polycarbonate, hexagonal frames that will suit most face shapes, and they are on-trend for this year.

Polycarbonate is biodegradableand recyclable, so no nasty plastics remain after you dispose of them. The lenses offer UV 400 protection, and they come with blue or brown tints.

Of course, they weigh more than other sunglasses on this list because of their chunky design. However, at 40 grams you might expect them to be uncomfortable, but that's not the case. You can wear Cuney sunglasses all day without marks or discomfort.

7. Butaby Sunglasses - $11.00

While the style of these Butaby rectangle sunglasses may not to be everyone’s taste, their affordable price tag definitely will be.

It’s hard to beat $11 for a pair of shades, especially when it comes to sunglasses designed for women, which tend to cost significantly more.

So, if you like vintage looks, you’re going to love these. Even though they look very retro, they still come with that all-important UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe.

And speaking of affordable, for just $16, you can grab two pairs of these already-cheap shades. If these are your style, this deal is a no-brainer.

8. Waterhaul Harlyn Aqua Sunglasses -$80

Waterhaul design many fantastic sunglasses for water-based activities. Their Waterhaul Harlyn Aqua Sunglasses are no exception. Waterhaul loves the ocean so much that even their frames are made from 100% recycled fishing nets.

They are proud of their 0% virgin plastic sunglasses, and they'll replace and recycle your Waterhaul frames for life. They don't want any new plastics in the industry, so they have created a recycling cycle.

The Italian-designed frames include five-barrel hinges for ultimate sturdiness. In addition, designers have included world-famous Barberini mineral glass lenses. They have a superior Abbe value of 59, are recyclable, and have a chemical hardener.

These glasses are made from the sea and designed for wearing on the beach.

9. Orbitree Wood Sunglasses - $49.97

Orbitree maple wood sunglasses were designed with skateboarders in mind. Maple trees are known for their durable wood, so these glasses are ideal when you are doing tricks because they won't break if they fall off.

In addition, the 53mm plastic lenses reduce the chance of long-term damage or smashing. Even better, the polarized lenses ensure you won't suffer from glare even if you are skating in the midday sun.

10. Catalina Fresh Squeeze Sunglasses - $45

The trendy folks behind Shady Side Up created these vibrant and quirky sunglasses. The team is dedicated to creating sunglasses that showcase your individual flair and zest for life. So, these orange cat-eye sunglasses are attention-grabbing.

The lightweight frames on Catalina Fresh Squeeze Sunglasses are acrylic, and the lenses have UV 400 protection. Catalina Fresh Squeeze sunglasses also come with a dedicated playlistto help you get in the summer mood. It includes classic hits such as Bringing Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and TiK ToK by Kesha.

11. RockBros Polarized Sunglasses - $25.99

The RockBros Polarized Sunglasses are a fantastic pair from a company that specializes in manufacturing shades for cyclists. These inexpensive sunglasses are black, but color accenting on the frames is possible for a sportier look. There are also multiple options for colored lenses.

The lenses include anti-fog, oil, soil, and water coatings to ensure clean lenses for safe cycling. In addition, anti-fog ventilation ensures they won't hinder your visibility even if you're sweaty.

The PC memory TR90 frames include an adjustable nose pad for improved comfort. Finally, rubber encasing on the frame legs delivers grip and stability.

12. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses - $16.99

The Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses are a great pair of affordable polarized sunglasses. They have a classic 90's vibe with scalloped underside frames and are probably best suited to wearers with small to medium-sized faces.

The addition of a rubber nose pad creates a snug fit that won't drop during exercise. The lenses feature standard anti-scratch, UV 400 protection. However, they do not have an anti-glare feature.

In total, Duduma Polarized Sports sunglasses weigh 24 grams and come in a storage bag with a cleaning cloth, which is a nice touch.

13. J106 Metal Aviator Sunglasses - $23.38

So far, we’ve covered a lot of pairs that are the perfect sunglasses for men, so now let’s jump into a great pair designed specifically for the ladies.

Given their celebrity endorsement, it might come as a surprise that Jessica Simpson’s brand makes one of the most affordable pairs of shades for women in 2024.

Nonetheless, the J106 Iconic UV Protective Metal Aviator Sunglasses are a fantastic looking pair given their price tag.

At 59mm wide, they’ll offer a ton of protection from the sun (their UV coating helps), yet they’re still fairly lightweight for a pair of aviators.

14. Quay Dusk to Dawn Sunglasses - $65

Speaking of affordable sunglasses for women, let’s look at Quay’s Dusk to Dawn shades.

The unique shape of these butterfly-style sunglasses for women has boosted their popularity. They are aesthetically pleasing and can add definition and contour to your face. The smokey-gold thin frames are lightweight metal.

The lenses have a slight reflection that adds a sense of glam to any outfit. They look designer, but without the expensive price tag. Overall, they are a worthwhile investment. You can also purchase matching tri-fold cases to store them.

15. Jins&Sun Anita Sunglasses - $80

Jins&Sun is a Japanese company that has outlets all across America. The Jins&Sun range is a collaboration between Jins and the influential fashion designer NIGO®.

Their Anita sunglasses feature light airframe technology for highly stylized everyday wear. You'll love the subtle frame colors, including tortoise haze, amber, and ash gray. The round shape best suits oval faces and the adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a perfect fit.

The lenses also have a 99% UV coating for eye protection, which is something we always love to see.  

16. Nike Fire - $105

Sports specialist Nike released the affordable Nike Fire sunglasses a few years ago, but they remain an extremely popular choice among athletes who crave style. Nike Fire sunglasses are athletic yet suitable for everyday wear.

The frames come in three subtle colors: matte midnight navy, velvet brown, and matte black. The stylized lenses have slight tints and will moderately block peripheral light. Of course, the classic Nike swoosh is located on your temple at the arm joint.

17. Sunski Makani Honey Ocean Sunglasses - $58

Welcome in summer with crystalized yellow and orange medium-framed sunglasses: the Sunski Makani Honey Ocean Sunglasses. The frames are super-light recycled material, which makes for a very comfortable pair you can wear all day.

They come in three lens types:

  • Ocean lens: A fading blue tint with 11% VLT F
  • Terra Fade lens: A soft amber with 10% VLT
  • Purple lens: A full mirrored brown tint with 14% VLT

These sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty and will arrive at your home in non-plastic packaging. So, you can wear your trendy glasses without breaking the bank or damaging the environment.

18. Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses - $68.62

Despite how cheap they are, Le Specs Air Heart Sunglasses are popular among many celebrities, such as Olivia Palermo and Meghan Markle. As a result, they have a celebrity stamp of approval but a price tag your budget will love.

The traditional cat-eye influenced the dramatic upwards design on the Air Heart sunglasses. Regardless of your face shape, this style has an uplifting effect.

The sturdy BPA-free polymer plastic frame comes in four colors to suit most outfits. In addition, Le Specs Air Heart comes with a six-month guarantee and a spring-close protective pouch.

19. I Want Proof Goodson Acetate Sunglasses - $95

Goodson Acetate Sunglasses are the creation of Idaho-based company I Want Proof. They have a strong focus on being an ethical company. So, it should come as no surprise that these sunglasses are made from recycled materials.

They use cotton-based acetate and only sustainably-sourced wood. Each pair of sunglasses is handmade with care and consideration. In addition, I Want Proof donates a percentage of all sales to charities and causes worldwide.

Goodson Acetate has spring-loaded joints to ensure they fit most shapes and sizes of faces, so these are yet another affordable pair of shades that also feel good, too.

20. Vallon Heron Mountain - $107

Vallon designed these sunglasses for mountaineering and hiking. As such, they have particular features, such as leather side shields to block peripheral lights that can hurt the eyes. This feature will also limit the chance of glare, which can cause headaches and disorientation.

The lenses have 100% UV protection and are shatter-proof. So, they will survive the fall even if you drop them down a gorge. In addition, the unique stay-on TR90 polyamide design ensures the sunglasses stay put regardless of the activity.

Furthermore, you can bend the frames to fit your face snuggly.

The lenses have 12% VLT and are slightly lighter than the Vallon Glacier glasses. VLT refers to visible light transmission, ranging from 0 - 90+%. Sunglasses less than 20% are ideal for bright conditions, 20 - 40% are all-purpose, and 40+ are suitable for overcast days. So, these cheap sunglasses will offer fantastic protection from the sun – something that’s essential when spending long periods of time outdoors.

21. J+S Military Aviator Sunglasses - $18.99

Aviator sunglasses remain one of the most popular styles of sunglasses for men and women. And yet, even in such a crowded field, the J+S Military Aviator sunglasses still manage to stand out. Of course, their $18.99 price tag doesn’t hurt.

But affordability isn’t the only reason to love these cheap shades.

The J+S Military Aviator sunglasses are also super comfortable for faces of all sizes and shape and lightweight. Being aviators, they’ll give you plenty of coverage, too, with polarized lenses that provide UV400 protection.

And as far as style goes, you can choose from 11 different lens and frame combinations, so if you already have your black-on-black bases covered, there are plenty of other options.

These are also a good example of shades that are well-made and durable, proving that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean “poorly made.” Even better, J+S backs up these high-quality shades with a one-year warranty.

22. Denway Polarized Wood Sunglasses – $13.60

Another really fun pair we found this year are the Denway Polarized Wood sunglasses, which you can add to your collection for just $19.30. There really isn’t any other pair of shades on the market that resembles this unique pair. Their bamboo frames, mirrored polarized lenses will definitely earn you a lot of compliments.

The price is really tough to beat, too. For under $15, we wouldn’t have expected such high-quality, fashionable sunglasses that come in 5 different frame-lens combinations.

And this is yet another pair on our list that comes with a guarantee. In this case, Denway will give you a full two years of wearing these shades in comfort knowing there’s a guarantee that will replace them should anything happen.

23. Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses – $14.99

Finally, we also added the Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses to our list of the best cheap sunglasses of 2024. You have 20 options to choose from for these, all of which are between $14.99 and $17.99.

Their TR900 frames are lightweight, comfortable, and practically indestructible. They can literally bend without breaking. And if they do, you have a lifetime warranty that’s good for a moneyback guarantee.

But the real selling point with these sunglasses – aside from the price, of course – is their fun, retro style. If your closet is missing a pair of vintage shades to complete your look, Sungait is giving you a fantastic opportunity to change that without breaking the bank.

At the same time, these are still sunglasses you could wear every single day with just about any outfit. These aren’t the type of vintage shades that are so extreme in their style that you couldn’t wear them with your normal attire.

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