The Best Hiking Sunglasses

Updated 6.6.21

To some people, hearing “take a hike” is a bit off-putting if not peculiar (who still says that?).

For others, it’s a welcomed proposal.

If you’re in the latter group, you need polarized hiking sunglasses that were designed to help you get the most from your treasured nature treks, not get in the way.

Runners Sunglasses are the perfect option. We created them for people with active lifestyles who want sunglasses they can also wear day-to-day.

Comfortable Hiking Sunglasses That You Can Wear All Day Long

“Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care." – Eric Shaffer

We have a feeling Mr. Shaffer would appreciate our ultralightweight polarized sunglasses.

Whether your idea of a hike only takes an hour, or it lasts for the entire Appalachian Trail (like Mr. Schaffer), you’ll never need to take off our polarized sunglasses because they’ve become uncomfortable. Weighing in at just 26g, you’ll hardly feel a thing when you wear them.

Our Polarized Hiking Sunglasses Always Stay in Place

Hiking is supposed to be about forming a connection with nature, but that’s tough to do when your sunglasses slip down your nose or, worse, fall off your face.

Wear our no-slip polarized sunglasses and you won’t have to worry about this. Their spring hinges will lightly hug your face, so they stay in place without causing you any discomfort.

Use Our Polarized Hiking Sunglasses to Keep Your Eyes Safe from the Sun

Nothing is better than hiking on a beautiful, sunny day.

Well, maybe one thing: hiking on a beautiful, sunny while wearing polarized sunglasses that protect your eyes. We designed our polarized sunglasses with UV400 protection, so your eyes will be safe. Their antiglare properties ensure you’ll never miss a step, either.

Hike with Our Sunglasses for 100 Days Before You Decide

We’re positive you’re going to love wearing our sunglasses when you go hiking.

How positive?

We’ll give you 100 days to decide for yourself. If they’re not everything you had hoped for, just send them back for a refund – no questions asked!

Check out our selection.

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