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Born in 2018 and proudly growing in Austin, TX!

Our mission is to create sunglasses that keep up with your adventurous life. As athletes ourselves, we wanted sunglasses we could wear all day: to the track, the trails, the beach – wherever we went!

Unfortunately, most running sunglasses aren’t comfortable. We didn’t think they looked great, either. Then, there was the cost.

Hundreds of dollars?

There had to be a better way.

We’re proud to say that we found one. It took a lot of tries, but Runners Sunglasses fulfill our promise: sunglasses that are functional and fashionable no matter what your adventure entails.

Exceptional Quality

Style, Performance, and Affordability

We got sick of having to choose. “Affordable” glasses turn out to be expensive because they’re so low quality, you have to replace them again and again. “High-quality” sunglasses cost as much as a car payment…and can still break.

After a couple of years and a ton of designs, we’re happy to report that no one has to choose anymore.

Runners Sunglasses are versatile, high-performance sunglasses designed for active people who want to look good without spending a small fortune.

What We Believe

It’s pretty simple, really.

We believe a lot of people just want a nice pair of sunglasses they can wear during any activity and look really good doing it.

We think sunglasses are important, but that doesn’t mean they should cost hundreds of dollars. After all, if you’re worried something will happen to them, you’re not having fun.


A Promise We Keep

Enjoy your adventures worry-free!

We worked hard to design sunglasses that can stand up to everyday wear, make it through your workouts, and are always ready for your next adventure. If they ever break because of a defect, we’ll replace them for free – that’s our promise.


Try Them for 100 Days

We know you’ll love Runners Sunglasses, so how about a test drive?

That’s right. We’re so confident in these amazing sunglasses that we’ll give you 100 days just to prove you’ll love them as much as we do. If you don’t, no hard feelings. Just send them back and we’ll send you a refund – no questions asked! 

The greatest threat to ​our​ planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan, Author

Our first goal was to create running sunglasses for men and women that look great and are affordably priced.

Our new goal is to make Runners Sunglasses out of 100% recycled plastic. Follow us on Instagram for updates on our progress. We hope you’ll support us as we strive to make it happen #WearRunners