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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Running Athletics

We know choosing the right running sunglasses is a big deal. Nothing is worse than realizing you made the wrong choice right when you’re in the middle of your run or workout.

So, we’ve put together an FAQ to address the questions we most often get about Runners Sunglasses. You can always contact us if you have any others.

Are Your Running Sunglasses for Men and Women?

Of course!

All of our sunglasses are unisex, so they look great on both men and women.

Will These Sunglasses Stay in Place When I Run?


The only reason they’ll move when you’re running is if someone snatches them off your face because they want them so badly. We’ve tried to keep our sunglasses as affordable as possible, so hopefully people won’t resort to this…but you’ve been warned.

Which Runners Sunglasses Will Fit My Face Best?

All of them.

Our sunglasses feature spring hinges, so they’ll gently hug your face, whether it’s big, small, or any size in between. We designed them as no-slip sunglasses, so they’ll stay in place on any face even when you’re running at full speed.

How Much Do Runners Sunglasses Weigh?

Our ultralight sunglasses clock in at a practically nonexistent 26g.

They won’t chafe your skin, push down on your ears, or slip down your nose. They’re not completely weightless, but they might as well be.

Are Runners Sunglasses Comfortable?

Oh yeah!

We know how frustrating it is to purchase sunglasses that look amazing…and then feel awful. It’s even worse when they’re your running sunglasses. Shin splints are supposed to hurt, not your shades.

That’s why we prioritized comfort when we designed our sunglasses. Between their spring hinges and their very light weight, you’ll love how these sunglasses feel.

Do Runners Sunglasses Protect Against UV Rays?

“What UV Rays?”

(That’s what your eyes will be saying when you wear Runners Sunglasses)

We armed our sunglasses with UV400 polarized protection, which will keep your eyes safe even on the sunniest of days. 

Get a workout. 

Get a tan. 

Get both at the same time.

Your eyes are up for it when you’re wearing our polarized running sunglasses.

Will Your Sunglasses Fog Up When I’m Working Out?


Aside from being fashionable, the design of our running sunglasses makes them inhospitable to the frustrating problem of fog.

What if I Sweat on Your Running Sunglasses?

By all means.

Don’t let their looks fool you, we call them Runners Sunglasses because we expect people will wear them while they’re working up a sweat. Our sunglasses can take it.

Do You Have a Return Policy?

Do we have one? 


Does it get used a lot? 


That’s because we’ve made every effort to create the best running sunglasses on the market.

We are so confident you’ll love our running sunglasses that we offer a 100-day return policy!

100 days!

Wear them on your runs.

Wear them for other workouts.

Wear them whenever you want for 100 days and if you aren’t completely in love these sunglasses, send them back.

Where Is Runners Sunglasses Based?

Our company is located in Austin, Texas, but we’ll ship them anywhere in the U.S. or Canada – for free! 

As an Austin sunglass company, we know all about the importance of polarized lens, fashionable frames, and shades that stay in place whether you’re working out or just bouncing around town.