15+ of the Best Melin Hat Alternatives in 2024

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Melin hats have been growing in popularity for nearly a decade. The company launched its signature headwear to offer a high-end alternative to the typical baseball caps most people wear.

As their popularity has grown, so has the demand for premium hats.

Whether you’re seeking a different style or don’t want to pay so much for a Melin, explore the best high-end hats available in 2024 and discover top alternatives that combine luxury and style without breaking the bank.

17 of the Best Melin Hat Alternatives

In compiling this list of the best Melin hat alternatives, we tried to offer a decent amount of variety.

So, while you won’t find any bargain-bin options here – those wouldn’t compete with a Melin hat – we did include a range of prices as much as possible.

So, while none of these alternatives cost more than a Melin, we’re confident you’ll find a great hat that matches your style and budget.

1. Runner's Original – $45

First up on the list of Melin hat alternatives is our Runner's Original. We designed these hats to be a lot like Melin's A-Game Hydro – with a few added benefits.

Engineered to be the perfect hat for runners and other athletes, this hat does it all. Its unique features tailor themselves to set the standard of what a stylish sports hat should be.

The design boasts breathable panels made from material that is lightweight and moisture-wicking. Along with its buoyant visor, this hat is sure to help keep you cool on a hot day.

Its soft-touch snapback helps keep this hat in place. The construction of this snapback keeps it from chafing and making you uncomfortable.

One of the most unique features of this hat is a hidden card/cash pocket. This makes it easy to carry money with you without worrying about possible damage or losing it.

With a variety of different color options and super-comfortable, high-quality materials, this hat isn’t just for athletic endeavors, either. We put a lot of thought into the design to ensure that this hat would look just as good when you’re out for a run as when you’re out for a night on the town.

And not only does it cost much less than a Melin, but the Runners Original hat also comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s a high-quality hat made with high-quality materials that we absolutely stand behind.

2. Adidas Runner 4D AEROREADY Cap – $38

Another hat like Melin is the Runner 4D AEROREADY Capby Adidas. This hat is also designed for athletic use.

The AEROREADY technologyabsorbs moisture, keeping you cool during your workout. The ventilation design helps to do this as well by increasing the airflow.

The strap in the back is adjustable for a better fit. You also have the option to flip the flat brim if necessary.

This hat is machine washable which makes cleaning easy. This ability saves you time and energy, allowing you to get out the door quicker.

The Runner 4D AEROREADY cap is also environmentally-friendly. Constructed from recycled polyester material, this hat uses plastic waste. This helps to reduce the amount of pollution in the ocean.

A drawback of this hat is that it is only available in the color black. So, if you want something in a different color, you’ll need to consider other options on this list.

3. Nike Retro72 – $37

One of Nike's best-selling hats, the Nike Retro72 is perfect for a day on the course or out with friends. The hat boasts a vintage style with plenty of practical features, too.

This hat utilizes Nike's AeroBill technology to wick away sweat. The sweatband at the base also aids in keeping you cool. But, due to its cotton makeup, it’s not the best for high-intensity activity.

Cotton makes up 100% of the hat's body. The majority of the back of the front panel is made from polyester and cotton blend.

The low profile and snapback closure give this hat its vintage look. You can style this hat in a variety of ways due to its minimalist color scheme and simple logo on the front.

Available in four different color schemes, this is a great hat to keep you cool on and off the course.

4. MISSION Cooling Vented Performance Hat – $24.99

If you are buying a hat to keep you cool in the hot summer, look no further than MISSION's Cooling Vented Performance Hat. This hat uses state-of-the-art technology to protect you from the heat.

It’s able to block a majority of UV rays and has an adjustable brim to protect against glare.

The most notable quality is that this hat uses a unique technology designed to keep you cool. This technology is patented and chemical-free, keeping you safe. Water triggers this cooling ability. All you need to do is wet the interior band and wring it out. Now you are ready to stay cool.

The breathable fabric and customizable fit help to make this a comfortable hat. It is available in three colors that will complement most looks.

Perfect for any outdoor activity, this hat is sure to help you beat the summer heat.

5. Hurley H2O-Dri One and Only Hat – $30

Another Melin hat alternative that’s a bit cheaper than the others is Hurley's H2O-Dri One and Only Hat. This hat offers a clean and timeless look while still remaining comfortable.

This hat uses Hurley's H2O-Dri Stretch fabric that is 100% polyester. This helps the hat to keep you cool during the day and wicks away sweat.

The stretching ability of fabric helps it fit and stay secured to your head. The curved bill aids in keeping the glare of the sun from your eyes.

The simple Hurley logo is all that adorns the front of the hat. This gives the hat a sleek and minimalistic look.

Available in eight different colors, this hat's clean look will add to any outfit.

6. Lululemon Fast and Free Running Hat Elite – $48

Lululemon's Fast and Free Running Hat Eliteare hats similar to Melin with both designs for men and for women. Tailored for running, these hats are still fashionable for everyday use.

The nylon fabric that makes up these hats is lightweight. This material also wicks away the water and dries quickly to keep you cool.

The Lululemon Fast and Free Running Hat Elite has ventilated panels that make it breathable. These panels stretch to form a snug fit around your head. With its adjustable strap, this hat will remain comfortable and in place your entire run.

The hat does have one major downside, though. It’s only available in either black or white. While you can pair these colors with a lot of different looks, if you’re looking for high-end hats, you’d probably appreciate a bit more variety.

And while it’s one of the more expensive options on the list, Lululemon products are known for being expensive, so this price tag really isn’t that bad for such a high-quality item from a well-known manufacturer.

7. North Face Embroidered Earthscape Ball Cap – $35

A very unique Melin hat alternative is North Face's Embroidered Earthscape Ball Cap. The design of these hats show off the beauty of the North American landscape.

Each hat has an embroidered patch depicting various mountain ranges in North America. These hats are perfect for your next hike or walking around town.

These ball caps follow a classic fit, so they are as comfortable as possible. The snapback closure adds style and the ability to adjust your cap.

Structured cotton is the primary material that makes up these hats. The sweatband uses polyester and elastane for a secure and comfortable fit. These material combinations also aid in making this a sturdy hat that can go on adventures.

While bearing a unique design, these hats do have a few limits. The patches belong to specific colors. There is the possibility of foregoing a color or patch that you like due to the combinations.

But with the wide variety of colors and patches, there is sure to be a North Face Embroidered Earthscape Ball Cap that is right for you.

8. RVCA VA All The Way Curved Brim Trucker Hat – $30

The RVCA VA All The Way Curved Brim Trucker Hatis another alternative that offers a classic design that can go with any look. This is a great hat for everyday use.

This hat’s design keeps its trucker hat look. The curved brim and snapback closure help give this hat a more modern feel.

Being from polyester twill means that this hat is incredibly comfortable. The mesh backing provides more ability to breathe and a better feel. The adjustable snapback ensures your hat stays snug on your head.

A slight drawback to this hat is the prominent logo. The leather patch of the logo stands in stark contrast to the color of the hat. This makes the logo the focal point and detracts from the hat's role as an accessory.

This hat is available in three neutral colors and camo. Paired with your favorite jeans and a simple tee shirt, you are ready for the Saturday night cookout or other casual activities.

9. Patagonia P-6 LoPro Trucker Hat – $35

Patagonia's P-6 LoPro Trucker Hatis stylish, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. This makes it a perfect alternative to Melin hats.

Trucker hats are back in style and this Melin-lookalike fits right in with the trend. With its traditional ball-cap fit, mesh backing, and snapback closure, this hat can go with any outfit.

The ball cap style makes it fit naturally. The adjustable closure makes it easy to create the perfect look.

Another really cool feature is that this hat’s brim is made from recycled fishing nets, which are the largest polluter of oceans. Organic cotton canvas is what constructs the front crown. These hats are also sewn through fair trade, ensuring those who made it receive a living wage.

The design and material construction of the hat make it perfect for adventuring in the outdoors. You can find this hat in six different colors to match any style you want to rock.

Patagonia also offers a trade-in and fixing program for your hat. So, compared to Melin, these hats are a great option for your wallet and the planet.

10. Titleist Tour Performance – $35

The Titleist Tour Performanceis a great hat for any outdoor activity and everyday use. Worn by some of the best golfers in the world, this hat is made to perform.

With a structured front panel, this hat will hold its shape. It is also treated against UV radiation for protection from the sun.

Made from a lightweight material, this hat sits comfortably upon your head. The stretch clasp closure allows you to adjust your hat while remaining secured in place. The moisture-wicking sweatband reduces odor.

The performance material that constructs this hat is long lasting and durable. This hat will last you years, on and off the golf course.

This is the most diverse hat on the list, as it is available in 15 different colors. With this many options, you are sure to find the hat that matches your style.

We also put this hat on our list of the best golfing hats, as well as a really cool Melin option, so be sure to check out that blog post, too.

11. Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap – $25

Of the Melin hat competitors, this is the cheapest option. Under Armour's Blitzing 3.0 Cap is a simple hat with the basic features for everyday use.

This hat has a low profile fit. Its curved visor and structured front panel help to keep its shape. The front panel is also padded with a specific design for added comfort.

Made from 100% polyester, this hat is able to breathe well. The sweat-wicking headband helps to keep you cool and dry.

Under Armour's microthread fabric provides the hat with a stretch construction. This allows it to fit comfortably on your head and aids in the breathability of the hat.

The simple logo design and seven color options make it easy to pair with a variety of looks. Keep yourself casual and cool with this look.

12. Puma Porsche Design Classic Cap – $45

Designed y Puma and Porsche, this polished hat is exactly what you’d expect from two brands of this caliber. The Porsche Design Classic Cap offers a high fashion look with durable technology.

This hat has laser-cut holes in its six panels for better ventilation. Their 37.5 Technology allows for superior temperature regulation.

Polyester makes up a majority of this hat with some elastane on the shell. This construction comes from recycled material, helping reduce environmental impact.

This hat is machine washable, which allows for easy cleaning. Just make sure to stretch the hat to its original shape while it is damp.

The minimalist design and neutral color options make this a great addition to any outfit. And if you need inspiration, the Puma site offers styling ideas for how you can wear your cap.

13. Mizuno Tour Adjustable Lightweight Golf Hat – $30

Last on the list of Melin hat alternatives is the Tour Adjustable Lightweight Golf Hatby Mizuno. This is a great hat for any outdoor use.

This unstructured hat is able to fit onto your head with no issue. The lack of structure in the hat makes it quick to pack so you can carry it with ease. The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a comfortable fit that will stay.

Made from polyester fabric, this hat is moisture-wicking. This keeps it breathable and cool as you play.

The lack of structure means there is less material on your head, giving the hat a lightweight feel. Coupled with moisture-wicking properties and breathability, wearing your hat is a pleasant experience.

With its simple logo design and color schemes, this hat will complement your outfit well. Remain cool, comfortable, and stylish with this lightweight hat.

14. Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat – $27.95

Outdoor Research’s Swift Cap provides UPF 50+ sun protection on the crown of your head and has a full mesh liner for excellent ventilation in hot weather.

The cap's shaped brim and nylon panels offer excellent sun protection for runners, bikers, and hikers. But its low profile also fits well under a helmet for climbers, skiers, and snowboarders.

On top of all that, it only weighs 2.5 ounces, so it’s perfect for backpackers and athletes who are conscious about the weight of their gear.

There are nine options to choose from, which is good news for anyone who like the stylish looks of Melin hats but want a more affordable alternative.Text

15. Coal Provo Tech Outdoor 5-Panel Cap

Another hat we added to our list in 2024 is the Coal Provo Teach Outdoor 5-Panel Cap. Just like the Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat, it’s made with UPF 50+ rated polyester to keep your noggin safe from the sun.

And like our own hat, it has a buoyant brim that makes this Melin alternative a great option if you’re someone who enjoys water sports.

Speaking of which, the hat also features the kinds of laser-cut perforations you want for lots for plenty of breathability during those intense workouts.

And if you decide to do those workouts at night, the reflective logo on this hat is definitely a nice touch.

16. WUE The Mountains Performance Hat – $34.00

The WUE Mountains Performance Hat brings a lot of great features to the table. It’s easily one of the best-looking hats on the list. We can definitely see its resemblance to Melin hats.

Fortunately, there’s a lot more to like about it than just its fashionable features.

Perforated panels on both sides and back of the hat will keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. But WUE also uses a technical fabric designed to facilitate maximum ventilation, which is yet another reason to love this cap for outdoor activities.

17. ANKOR Ultra Performance Hat – $29.99

ANKOR Ultra Performance Hat is 100% polyester, which makes it very easy to keep this one clean. Just throw some soap and warm water on any stains you might get from outdoor activities.

The laser cut holes on this hat are great for breathability and this is yet another hat with a buoyant brim, so you won’t have to worry about losing it during your next fishing trip, kayaking adventure, canoe expedition or any other day on the water.

One unique feature about the company is that ANKOR is veteran owned and even donates a portion of their revenue to various charities that help these men and women with PTSD, mental health, and other related issues.

There Are Plenty of Alternatives to Melin Hats That Will Fit Your Style and Your Budget

That’s the big takeaway from this article.

While we love Melin hats, there are plenty of other brands out there that offer high-end alternatives to traditional baseball caps. Whether you’re looking for a better hat to go running in or you want something that’s casual but a bit classier, any of the above options will give you exactly what you – and your budget – need most.

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