Why Are Melin Hats So Expensive?

If you’re looking for a stylish hat designed for athletes, you’ve probably come across the name “Melin.”

Since 2013, Melin hats have been a popular choice among those who love athletic wear that is both fashionable and functional.

The founders, Brian McDonell and Corey Roth, aimed “to create a new category of luxury headwear with a focus on details, style, and innovation.”

Most Melin hat owners would agree that they nailed their target.

However, if these hats have one drawback, it’s their price. Melin hats currently cost around $69, significantly more than other popular options.

So, why are Melin hats so expensive? Melin hats are priced higher due to several factors:

6 Reasons Melin Hats Cost So Much

There’s no one reason behind Melin hats’ high price tag. As with other expensive athleticwear brands that we’ve covered before, there tends to be a combination of things that contribute to the overall cost.

In the case of Melin hats, here are the six main reasons behind those high price tags.

1. Melin Sources the Finest High-Quality Materials for Their Hats

The primary reason behind Melin hats being so expensive is simple: the materials they use cost a lot.

As we touched on at the beginning of this post, the high fashion hat brand was founded in 2013 by Brian McDonell and Corey Roth whose goal, from day one, was to only use the best materials they could get their hands on to create their hats.

McDonell and Roth shared an appreciation for well-made artisanal luxury goods, especially accessories like hats. They were also eager to create something that would be durable no matter where you wore it. So, the concept of Melin was born on the foundation of creating the best quality hats in the world - from the best possible materials.

Corey and Brian have shared that their sourcing process is extensive. They will do whatever it takes to find materials that they feel are superior to all the rest. The team researched every detail that would make their hats as comfortable and functional as possible.

Their combination of old-world manufacturing processes, high-quality materials, and modern high-fashion styles is why you’ve seen Melin hats on big names like Brad Pitt and Spike Lee.

It’s also why Melin can make a $1,200 hat that sells out every year.

In addition to exceptional material choices, about 35% of the hats’ costs come from labor alone. Melin is not a fast-fashion brand. Each hat is a high-fashion product that is handmade.

There is a lot of attention to detail that goes into creating each hat.

In fact, some of their hats take up to TWO HOURS to complete by one skilled artisan.

2. Melin Hats Are 100% Waterproof

Melin hats are designed from waterproof materials so, unlike most baseball caps, they can be worn come rain or shine. TheMelin Hydro Collectionis specifically designed for wear around the water.

Those who live an active lifestyle on the water like surfers, fishers, rowers, kayakers, and pretty much anyone who enjoys watersports will be excited to learn about Melin's proprietary hydrophobic material hats.

And not only are these hats waterproof, but they also use a special material that actually repels water. The exceptional composition allows users to stay dry while protecting themselves from the sun.

Some of the features of Melin waterproof Hydro hats that also add to their price tag include:


  • Floatable
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Breathable
  • Concealed besom pocket
  • Lightweight feel
  • Antimicrobial materials


Even if you're not in the water, the waterproof technology repels sweat, too. They won't water down or get sweat stains as many other hats do. You can enjoy your Melin hat during your runs on turf to stay dry.

3. Melin Hats Come in a Wide Assortment

Melin has three core hat styles.

Within these core styles, there are many variations designed to suit different climates and fashion senses. The three core options available from Melin are:


  • The Flat Visor
  • The Curved Visor
  • Beanies


Melin is famous for its flat visors and curved bills but beanies are their latest excursion. These are built for those who like to be active in cold weather environments.

Their hats are stylish enough for everyday wear, yet are also durable enough for skiing and other winter sports. Their curved and flat visors come in varieties built for hot climates (with breathable wicking fabrics) and cold climates (with a thermal or sherpa-lined cap).

The A-Game Hydro cap is their most popular style. It features a curved bill, a breathable mesh backing, and the Melin Hydro technology for added water protection.

4. Melin Hats Come in Sizes for Every Head

Great minds think alike, but it doesn't mean their head circumferences are exactly the same.

Sizing is one of the most expensive aspects of any apparel or accessories company. Brands spend thousands reiterating samples and grading sizes to get the perfect fit.

The impetus for Melin is to create hats that fit into your lifestyle. With this, they developed their "perfect fit promise."

The perfect fit promise is an oath to Melin customers that if their new Melin doesn't become your favorite hat, you can easily send it back with no questions asked.

One way they make sure customers are satisfied with the hats they receive is by offering a diverse range of sizes instead of the typical "one size fits all."

Melin doesn’t even use normal sizing names, either. There’s no “S, M, L” here. Instead, their sizes are categorized into the following fit styles:

  • Melin horizon fit
  • Melin vintage fit
  • Melin split fit
  • Melin split crushed fit

Each of these Melin fits is uniquely measured against specific face shapes and head sizes because both impact how a hat feels and looks.

By creating unique fit styles instead of just one universal fit, Melin is able to keep customers happy - while also charging them a higher price.

5. Melin Offers Unmatched Customer Service

The quality, materials, finishing, and fit of Melin hats are probably more than enough to justify their price for most people.

However, to seal the deal, Melin has also become renowned for their superior customer service.

They really care about giving consumers the best hats possible, and they realize that their prices are much higher than what other companies charge. So, if you do decide to spend that money, their team is always on standby to ensure you get the perfect color, style, and fit from your Melin hat.

And if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, Melin offers a generous free return and exchange policy. Their hats even come with a limited warranty, which is unusual for most hat companies!

6. Melin Has Developed an Invaluable Reputation

Finally, Melin hats have built up a solid reputation since their inception.

Consumers fell in love with the company's dedication to quality and its care for its customers. The founders say they are "obsessed" with products, which is why they only put their best foot (or hat) out into the world.

In doing so, they've garnered a lot of trust and respect from the fashion community and all kinds of consumers. Melin's loyal following and many repeat customers get excited about every new product release. The company is able to use its more than 180,000+ Instagram followers to make sure these fans stay up-to-date about new releases.

Melin took the challenge of combining performance, fashion, durability, and quality into one product that can appeal to a wide audience. The price tag is high, but Melin hats are offering something that doesn't exist out there. And they’ve done this consistently now for almost 10 years, more than enough time to build an enviable reputation that they cash in on with every sale.

Are Melin Hats Worth the Money?

Ultimately, that’s your call.

If you have the budget and love the unique style of Melin hats, they’re probably worth the money. These hats will definitely meet the majority of your athletic demands - including making you look cool in the process.

Of course, if you’re not completely sold yet, we have a great alternative that’s designed for athletes. You can wear our running hats at the beach, on the trail, or just around town.

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