The 36 Best Fanny Packs and Belt Bags for Women in 2023

Fanny packs are back in a BIG way in 2023.

This 90s trend may have disappeared overnight, but it’s proven to have staying power this second time around. Women have been rocking fashionable and functional fanny packs for a few years now and it doesn’t look as though you’re going to see them go anywhere anytime soon.

But which fanny pack (or belt bag) is the best option for women in 2023?

What Women Should Look for in a Fanny Pack

Here’s the thing: there’s no one right answer to that question.

In 2023, women have more options to choose from when it comes to fanny packs and running belts than ever before. They're not just for long hikes or wearing with outfits without pockets (although, those perfectly good reasons).

For that reason, we’ve organized our list of the best fanny packs into six categories:

  • The 6 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Running
  • The 7 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Hiking
  • The 8 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Traveling
  • The 5 Best Women’s Fanny Packs from Designer Brands
  • The 5 Best Women’s Fanny Packs That Are Waterproof
  • The 5 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Moms

There’s plenty of crossover, of course. We’re not suggesting that the fanny pack you choose for running can’t be used for hiking and traveling, too.

But if you have a top priority when looking for a fanny pack, this list should make it easy to quickly find the best possible option. And while many of the fanny packs below are made by manufacturers who market specifically to women, all of them are technically unisex. You can even check out our post on the best fanny packs for men if you’re looking for even more options.

Alright, with that being said, let’s jump into our list of women’s fanny packs for 2023.

How Should You Style Your Fanny Pack?

Again, it depends.

Obviously, there's your own personal style to consider.

There's also WHY you're wearing it. If you're a woman who's looking for a fun option to wear to your next music festival, you're probably going to style it much differently than if you're a mom who needs a little extra space for diapers.

That being said, you can simply adjust the belt to fit around your waist, either in the front or back.

You can also make the strap of your fanny pack or running belt longer, which will make it easier to wear across your chest or over your shoulder as a crossbody bag.

But again, the most comfortable and stylish way to wear a fanny pack is a matter of personal preference.

As far as fashion goes, most women opt for a color-neutral option they can pair with a wide range of different different outfits. Fanny packs are rarely the centerpiece of an outfit, so styling them usually comes down to the rest of your clothing and accessories.

The 6 Best Fanny Packs for Women Who Run

Let’s start by getting back to fanny packs’ roots. When they debuted decades ago, they for people who wanted to go for runs without having to stuff their pockets with all of their essential items.

So, if you’re a woman looking for a running belt, here are your six best options in 2023.

When we set out to create our own fanny pack for women, we drew from our years of experience in the athleticwear industry.

In short, we looked at what all the other manufacturers had to offer, and we filled a demand we felt wasn’t being met.

The result is our athletic crossbag, a streamlined bag that is still long on features.

First, even though this fanny pack isn’t big and bulky, it still has more than enough room for your phone, cards, cash, keys, sunglasses, and even a bottle of water. So, it’s perfect for taking on long runs, but its stylish features and storage space also mean it would be a great option just for taking out on errands, to the beach, around campus – wherever life brings you.

Whatever the case, this fanny pack is ready. It’s waterproof, durable, antimicrobial, anti-stain, and even anti-stink.

Tell life to “bring it on.”

The GoTo All Day Waistbag is up for any challenge.

Inside, the main pocket provides easy access with two zippers. There’s even an extra security pocket for all of your valuables and internal compartments for easy organization.

You can wear this fanny pack across your waist or over your shoulder like a crossbody bag. And there’s even a clip for keys or your dog’s leash, which makes nice long walks or runs with your furry friend effortless.

The GoTo All Day Waistbag currently comes in two colors:

Either way, you have an option that will go well with any number of different outfits.

And recently, we just introduced a new model: our waterproof sling bag. So, be sure to give that option a look, too.

2. Nike Slim Running Fanny Pack – $22

If you really want to take a walk (or run) down memory lane, this Nike Slim Running Fanny Pack is straight out of a 90s sitcom exercise scene. The fun color blocking and neoprene fabric pay homage to the fanny pack's early designs.

Online customer reviews reveal this fanny pack can be used for a lot more than running and hiking, too. Customers use it for rollercoaster rides, vacations, airport travel, and at the dog park.

3. Adidas Running Waist Bag – $24

If you're looking for a versatile belt bag budget option, the Adidas Running Waist Bag is equally practical and stylish. It's super lightweight and thin.

The belt is designed to compress belongings, so you don't feel the bulk while exercising or out and about. It's great for running but easily transitions into a weekend bag with the seamless black design.

Added bonus: this Adidas pouch is composed of 100% recycled materials.

4. Amphipod AirFlow Lite Runner's Belt – $25

Unlike most fanny packs, the design of the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Runner’s Belt considers your backside, too. It features trademark AirFlow mesh to wick away moisture and keep you cool and dry on your runs.

The forgiving fabric offers plenty of space for your phone, snacks, keys, and more. It comes in a neon green high visibility color that is perfect for nighttime runs and also a classic black color.

5. Fast and Free Running Belt Mini – $38

The name says it all. The Fast and Free Running Belt Mini is specifically designed for runners. This ultra-skinny fanny pack belt is by sportswear and athleisure brand Lululemon, which is known for high price tags, but $38 isn’t bad for this product.

The ultra slim design might deceive you, but the fabric of the belt has superior four-way stretch. You can fit your phone, cards, and keys in there.

Best of all, the bag is made of touchscreen mesh that enables you to control your phone without ever removing it from the bag.

UPDATE: The "mini" version is currently sold out, but you can still check out the original version of the Fast and Free Running Belt.

6. Camelbak Hydration Belt Bag – $45

There aren't that many options for fanny packs that also enable you to hold your water in them. That is one of the Camelbak Hydration Belt Bag's key features.

There is an elastic water bottle holder that enables you to hold about three cups of water for the road. It's great if you truly want to be hands-free. Despite having enough room for a water bottle and cell phone in one fanny pack, this option is still space efficient and non-bulky.

The 5 Best Women’s Waterproof Fanny Packs

If practicality and weatherproofing are what you seek, then it is what you'll find in the five styles below. These fanny packs are all made from waterproof nylons. Keep your valuables dry with the five fanny packs for women below.

1. Osprey Daylite Waist Pack – $35

The design of the Osprey Daylite Waist Pack is reminiscent of vintage spirit products. It's equally athletic and cute at the same time.

Their water-repellant fabric is made of recycled materials. Their waist pack is the perfect size for overnight trips that require some extra storage capacity.

2. Fjällräven Kånken Water Resistant Belt Bag – $50

The famous Swedish backpack brand now makes stylish fanny packs that women love. Aside from being waterproof, the Kånken Water Resistant Belt Bag also features a small handle, so it can be worn across the waist or carried as a handbag, as well.

Fjällräven Kånken is known for its simple monochromatic designs and ultra-light tear-resistant fabric. This bag comes in a color for everyone and only weighs five ounces!

3. Yeti Sidekick Dry Gear Case – $50

The Yeti Sidekick Dry Gear Case is the perfect women’s fanny pack for any of your aquatic adventures, like paddleboarding, kayaking, or boating. This Yeti fanny pack is essentially an inflatable waterproof pouch.

Even when submerged fully in water, it will keep everything inside bone dry. So, whether you’re planning to spend the day on the water or it just rains on you all day, this Yeti fanny pack will keep your things safe.

4. Baboon to the Moon Fanny Pack – $59

The cult-favorite luggage brand, Baboon, took a shot at the fanny pack and absolutely nailed it. The bright colors of their Baboon to the Moon Fanny Pack (3L) are instantly recognizable and their unisex designs are perfect for anyone.

This fanny pack is made of water-resistant athletic nylon, which creates a cool holographic effect on the pouch, as well. There are plenty of storage compartments on the inside, so it's easy to stay organized in this three-liter fanny pack.

5. Rains Mini Belt Bag – $60

Danish weather is rainy. And Danish brand, Rains, does Danish weather the best.

Their Bum Bag Mini is completely water-resistant to carry you through the wettest of days. You can rest easy knowing your valuables will remain protected in any storm or if you’re out on the water. It's made of synthetic waterproof fabric and features a minimal Scandinavian design with nothing but one zipper and an adjustable waist strap.

The zipper also features reflective tape for nighttime.

The 7 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Hiking the Trail

Your breath gets deeper, your head gets lighter, and each step is marked with struggle and reward when hiking. Literally, the last thing anyone needs is to have their hands full.

That’s why women need the perfect fanny pack when hiking.

A hiking fanny pack should be lightweight yet large enough to store belongings, essentials, and snacks, and it should also be weather resistant. Given these criteria, we've narrowed down a list of the seven best fanny packs for hiking and camping.

1. Fila Fanny Pack – $25

If you're a fan of bold branded products, you'll gush over this Fila Fanny Pack. It features the signature Fila logo in bold vinyl lettering on the front pocket.

This extremely popular fanny pack is competitively priced, too – especially for a brand-name fanny pack for women, which often costs significantly more. There's plenty of room inside the pouch. The Fila fanny pack features a main zipper pocket and a second zipper pocket on the front.

Find this style in navy, white, or red with Fila's red and white logo. Although Fila is an Italian brand, this fanny pack is all patriotic.

2. L.L. Bean Stowaway Hip Pack – $25

If you truly want a fanny pack straight out of the 90s era, look no further than the L.L. Bean Stowaway Hip Back. Unlike most fanny packs that received modernized updates here and there, this style matches vintage 90s fanny packs down to the zipper ropes.

If you enjoy throwback style, this option is great to wear around town. The nylon fabric, however, is created with the outdoors in mind.

It's a travel essential. The soft unwired infrastructure of the fanny pack means you can fold it into the size of a handkerchief and store it in your pocket.

3. Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack – $29.50

It wouldn't be a hiking column without mentioning the leading outdoor brand. Their Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack is composed of Patagonia's trademark indestructible ripstop nylon fabric.

This means it's durable against any surprises you might encounter along your journey, and it can withstand years of adventurous travel.

The fanny pack is also pretty fashionable. The nylon is reminiscent of 80s windbreakers and features subtle color blocking that's also alerting at night.

4. Herschel Fifteen Fanny Pack – $32

Herschel is a Canadian accessories brand focused on selling hipster bags and backpacks. The 90s comeback is certainly a trend closely followed by these hipsters worldwide.

Herschel did their take on the hipster fanny pack. The result? A fanny pack that’s perfect for women who want a little help hiking while also looking quite trendsetting at the time.

The Herschel Fifteen Fanny Pack features a gold zipper closure and a lined interior. Herschel's fanny pack comes in over 10 unique colors and patterns that all have the signature Herschel woven label on the front.

5. Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Fanny Pack – $32.50

Cotopaxi is an American adventure brand founded by Davis Smith. It's often compared to the last brand we highlighted, Patagonia, for its product quality and mission to shape our world for the better, both environmentally and socially.

Cotopaxi's Bataan del Dia Fanny Pack marks all the boxes for a hiking companion. It's lightweight yet roomy and made of a colorful, weather-resistant mesh that will keep all of your belongings well secured in any climate.

6. Osprey Arcane Waist Bag – $35

Hiking gear can sometimes be a little too "athletic." If you prefer something offering practicality but want to look a little more dressed up, then the Osprey Arcane Waist Bag will help you do just that.

The neutral monochrome belt and bag are ultra-chic. It comes in three yummy colors: milky tea tan, acorn red, and stonewash black.

It's compact yet will hold all of your belongings and has a carabiner attachment on the inside for your keys.

7. Athleta Excursion Waistbag – $88

The Athleta Excursion Waistbag is another great hiking and trail fanny pack option. Made of recycled tear-resistant nylon, this fanny pack is water-resistant and durable to withstand your adventurous side. There are also pockets all over this fanny pack that offer customizable organization.

This is just a really fashionable fanny pack, too. So, while the price tag is a bit higher on this one, if you’re a woman who would prefer to just carry one fanny pack – whether it’s out on the trails or out on the town – this is an obvious choice.  

The 8 Best Women’s Fanny Packs for Traveling

Fanny packs are a woman’s best friend when she’s traveling the world. You can keep all of your travel essentials passport, face mask, ID, cards, etc. at your fingertips, and not have to worry about which carry-on has what.

So, before your next trip, check out these fanny packs that make traveling a whole lot easier.

1. Girlfriend Collective’s Please Recycle Fanny Pack – $36

The Please Recycle Fanny Pack is the brainchild of sustainable activewear brand, Girlfriend Collective. It's made from 100% recycled materials.

It's a simple, monochrome, brandless style that easily assimilates into your wardrobe. You can use this waterproof fanny pack for lake trips, runs, and running errands. It comes in four colors including a periwinkle sky blue color, green, black, and rosewood.

UPDATE: This product is currently not listed in the Girlfriend Collective's inventory. We will update this post if/when that changes.

2. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag – $38

Lululemon is back on our list of fanny packs with another great option for women.

The Everywhere Belt Bag is a bit larger than the Fast and Free Running Belt Mini.

Other than that, the main difference is that this Everywhere Bag has a more structured shape whereas the Fast and Free Running Belt Mini will just take the shape of whatever is put inside of it.

The Everywhere Belt Bag is made of water-repellent material and comes in 10 colors. There is also a zipper compartment in addition to an easy-access exterior pocket, which makes good use of all the space inside. This is a huge help when traveling.

3. Away Sling Bag – $45

Away is more known as a luggage brand than one of the famous belt bag brands. But being that belt bags are so practical for traveling, it made sense that Away would eventually create their ideal version of this essential travel accessory.

The creative minds at Away did not disappoint with their beautiful Away Sling Bag.

This stylish travel belt bag is organization-centric. The multi-compartment interior is perfect to keep all of your belongings organized and remove just one more stress-filled scene of finding your passport in the rummage of your handbag.

And once you arrive at your destination, you can continue to enjoy your Away bag. Among other things, the bag is large enough to hold a full-sized water bottle, which helps if your travel plans involve a lot of walking around on foot. The colors of this bag are alluring, and the leather trim is a divine finishing detail.

4. The Sport Pack – $48

Béis is the accessible luxury travel brand of Pretty Little Liars actress, Shay Mitchell. She and her Béis team create chic, neutral travel essentials.

Their take on the fanny pack, called The Sport Pack, does not disappoint. It puts an elevated twist on the usual fanny pack. You'll find stylish D-rings that enable you to hook belongings to the fanny pack. There is also an elegant, twisted water bottle strap.

The bag itself is super lightweight yet very roomy, two big benefits if you have travel plans but want to keep your essentials near-at-hand.

5. The Fawny Pack by Fawn Design – $60

Retro style gets a modern twist with this travel-friendly fanny pack for women. If you're someone who likes to go through the airport in style, this faux leather fanny is the option for you.

The very appropriately named Fawny Pack comes in eight unique colors and is very roomy. Take it for road trips or as your be-all bag on your next big adventure!

6. Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack – $90

The neoprene of this Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack is plush and soft. It almost looks like a futuristic piece from a Skims or Yeezy advertisement.

The interior features a slot for cards and other small belongings. It’s definitely not the largest fanny pack on our list for traveling, but it’s definitely a very stylish option for your next trip.

This bag is also lined with a fabric called Repreve (which is made of 100% recycled plastic water bottles). The Dagne Dover bag has stylish matching color-plated hardware, so it's great if you love a logo-less monochrome look.

7. Cuyana Convertible Belt Bag – $148

Womenswear company Cuyana set out to create a fanny pack that is so different (in a good way) that it's hard to even call it one.

Their Cuyana Convertible Belt Bag is essentially a two-in-one.

The convertible leather belt bag connects to a compact bag, about the size of a smartphone. You can wear them together or separately on the hips or as a crossbody. You can also purchase an add-on circular leather pouch for extra belt storage.

The bag is made from chic pebbled leather. This stylish, timeless bag comes in five neutral shade leather color options.

While this is the smallest of our travel fanny packs for women, it’s arguably the most stylish, too. So, if you need one to carry just the essentials – while also looking chic – you can’t go wrong with this bag.

8. MZ Wallace Metro Belt Bag – $145

If you follow fashion closely, you're likely not a stranger to MZ Wallace handbags. They've been spotted on the likes of Blake Lively and Oscar Winning Actress, Anne Hathaway.

Not too long ago, the brand branched out into fanny packs with their very stylish Metro Belt Bag. With its signature quilted puffer fabric, this fanny pack is ultra-chic, yet super practical.

And while $155 might seem like a big investment for a fanny pack, you will get so much wear out of this beautiful bag.

Find this fanny pack in black, navy, or pearlescent white. It's suitable for whatever your luxury travel plans entail, from a long walk to a stylish soiree.

The 5 Best Fanny Packs for Moms

When it comes to having kids, we could all use an extra hand or two. While there isn't always help around, you can at least make your life easier by wearing something that keeps your hands free.

These fanny packs allow you to run, clean, or do whatever you gotta do as supermom all while keeping your hands free to save the day. If that's not enough, don’t worry. Some of these fanny packs are so big that they can even replace the dreaded baby bag altogether.

1. Luka Belt Bag – $58

This lightweight Luka Belt Bag by Calpak is big enough to fit snacks, a whole water bottle, and a bathing suit! So, yes, you can take those kids to the play fountain.

The extra durable nylon material is both scratch and water-resistant. Its transformable strap allows you to wear it both around the waist as a fanny pack or as a crossbody depending on your outing.

2. Kibou Vegan Leather Bag – $98

Kibou knows kids. This parenting essentials company developed the Kibou Vegan Leather Bag as a diaper bag. It has two zipper compartments where you can store diapers, changing tools, your phone, keys, cards, and snacks.

But that's not even the best part. Hidden inside is a detachable roll-out changing pad. It's a daycare in a bag!

3. Everlane The Renew Transit Bag – $40

"Radically transparent" brand, Everlane created The Renew Transit Bag to get you from point A to B to C with ease – even with all your little ones in tow. As a busy working mom, it can be hard to change your bag every time your main role changes.

Take this fanny pack from home to school to work to play and back to home. It's made of 100% recycled polyester and comes in four classy neutral shades.

4. The North Face IC2.9L Hip Pack – $27

The North Face IC 2.9L Hip Pack will meet all of your fanny pack needs as a mom. They've created something that is simple, durable, affordable, and accessible. Keep all of your belongings in one place with their spacious zippered compartment.

This fanny pack comes in a red and white or mixed blue color. The lifetime warranty is an added bonus, so even if your kids somehow manage to ruin it (not that your kids ever break things, of course), your replacement is just an email away.

5. The On the Go Organizer by Colugo – $45

Ditch your diaper bag for Colugo’s On the Go Organizer, which ensures everything you need as a mom is down at your waist at all times. This sizable fanny pack even features cup holders inside!

This bag is designed to wear around the waist or with a Colugo stroller, which is another nice touch. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s far more fashionable than diaper bag alternatives.

The 5 Best Fanny Packs for Women from Designer Brands

Finally, when the fanny pack trend returned in the late 2010s and early 2020s, designers were at the forefront of their revival. Now, in 2023, high-end designer brands are still doing their part to make sure that giving yourself some extra storage space doesn’t mean you can’t look extremely stylish at the same time.

So, from innovative materials to funky prints, these are the five best designer fanny packs that are worth the splurge.

1. Michael Kors Faux Leather Belt Bag – $78

More and more, luxury brands are turning to animal-friendly options for their materials. Michael Kors’s Faux Leather Belt Bag is a perfect example.

The faux leather makes it a bit sturdier and while reviewers note that this also means it's less forgiving when trying to compact all of your essentials inside, this is also why the bag costs so little compared to other luxury fanny packs.

2. Aimee Kestenberg Milan Bum Bag – $148

If you want a fanny pack that screams luxury without being boring, you’re going to love Aimee Kestenberg's Milan Bum Bag. This is a fanny pack for any woman who has a lot of personality and wants an accessory that does, too.

And at just $148, this designer bag is a major steal for a genuine leather pouch. Aimee's designs always feature fun colors or upbeat patterns like leopard or color blocking. There’s even one with studs. This bag is certain to turn heads and make any outfit instantly scream with style.

3. Coach Hitch Leather Belt Bag – $395

If you don’t mind upping your budget a bit, Coach has a phenomenal luxury fanny pack for women that still shouldn’t break the bank. Shave $1,000 off the price of a lot of your other high-end options and you’ll still have something that is equally stylish and functional with the Coach Hitch Leather Belt Bag.

It’s made of monochromatic soft pebbled leather and has the famous debossed Coach logo on the front.

While this big isn’t as soft as the Prada bag that we’ll cover next, it’s still made from a high-quality leather (and only costs a fraction as much). This Coach fanny pack can also be worn around the waist or as a crossbody and is roomy enough to hold all of your belongings.

4. Prada Logo Belt Bag – $1,390

A fanny pack as much as your rent? This Prada belt bag is made of a supple calfskin and connects to an even more stunning leather belt. Leave it to Prada to combine comfort and high-end fashion so effortlessly.

This bag functions more like a purse in design due to the soft construction. It's a great accessory whether touring museums or strolling through Central Park. It features Prada's signature enamel wing logo detailing on the front, so there’s no mistaking that you’re wearing a high-end luxury belt bag when you strap this one on.

5. Chanel Banane Waistbag – $3,200

No explanation is needed here: it's CHANEL!

At $3,200, this Chanel Banane Waistbag might be more of an investment piece than a fashion piece. But with Chanel's signature quilted leather and either silver or gold hardware, there’s no doubt that it absolutely looks amazing. Even the interior – made with silk fabric – is worth showing off.

And while most women would be happy to wear anything Chanel, this is actually a fairly functional fanny pack, as well. Its adjustable strap ensures you can wear it over your shoulder or across your waist.

The Best Fanny Packs for Women in 2023

Well, there you have it.

No matter what your unique needs are – even if there’s more than one – you’ll find the fanny pack you’re looking for in the 36 we covered, many of which were designed specifically with women in mind.

Take your time in considering all of your options – and, of course, your budget – but please think of what our fanny packs have to offer, as well.

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