The Best Sunglasses for Lifeguards

Updated 2.5.22

Our polarized sunglasses are a lot like lifeguards.

Attractive? Absolutely.

But they also have a job to do.

I designed Runners Sunglasses for people with active lifestyles – like, say, lifeguards – who have a sense of style but not a bottomless pit of money to spend on expensive shades.

Our Polarized Sunglasses Also Provide UV400 Protection

As a lifeguard, you might not get into the water during every shift, but you will get in the sun. While it’s great for your tan, the sun can be really rough on your eyes. Don’t let your precious peepers drown in UV rays. Wear our polarized sunglasses and we’ll keep them safe with UV400 protection.

They’re also antiglare, so you’ll have no problem keeping an eye on swimmers even on the sunniest of days.

Polarized Sunglasses That Are Functional and Fashionable

The stereotype about lifeguards is that they’re all attractive. As far as stereotypes go, that’s not the worst one, but we can relate. Runners Sunglasses are so stylish that customers are often surprised to learn how functional they are, too.

At only 26g, you can wear these polarized sunglasses during your entire shift and they’ll never become uncomfortable. They won’t push down on your ears or chafe your nose like heavier shades always do.

Our Polarized Sunglasses Know Their Place (on Your Nose)

Our polarized lifeguard sunglasses are ultralight, but they’re not going anywhere. They’ll stay right on your nose during your entire shift – and long after – thanks to spring hinges. Runners Sunglasses will lightly grip your face without ever becoming uncomfortable.

Wear Sunglasses Risk-Free for 100 Days

Looking for a pair of sunglasses?

We already know you’re going to love wearing our sunglasses when you’re lifeguarding or doing just about anything else. To prove it, we’ll let you wear them for 100 days. If you decide they’re not your favorite, return them for a full refund – no questions asked!

Check out our selection of polarized sunglasses.

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