The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Mountain Biking

Updated 06/16/24

You didn’t choose mountain biking because you wanted to take it easy.

You chose mountain biking because you love tackling challenging trails.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for equipment that makes your ride harder. You wouldn’t settle for a bike that lets you down, and you don’t wear shoes that get in the way.

So, why wear mountain biking sunglasses that are bulky, expensive, and unreliable?

Runners Sunglasses are designed for active people who want to look good while enjoying their adventures without paying a fortune. Discover the perfect blend of style, performance, and affordability with Runners Sunglasses.

Polarized Mountain Biking Sunglasses That Hardly Weigh a Thing

Bulky mountain biking sunglasses are like bulky mountain bikes: more trouble than they’re worth. Our polarized sunglasses only weigh 26g. They won’t chafe against your nose after hours of riding. They won’t push down on your ears.

In short, they’re comfortable.

Really comfortable.

(It’s okay if you like to be a little comfortable when mountain biking; we won’t tell anyone)

Our No-Slip Polarized Mountain Biking Sunglasses Won’t Bail

Mountain biking isn’t for the timid.

Unfortunately, if you’ve ever worn overpriced sunglasses, you’ve thought about slowing down. After all, if they fall off and break, you’re out at least a few hundred dollars.

All of our polarized sunglasses are priced under $100, but we also designed them so that they won’t slip off your face. They’re made from stress-resistant polycarbonate and with spring hinges that lightly grip your face without causing discomfort.

So take those berms at full speed.

Commit to booters.

Runners Sunglasses will always be along for the ride.

Protect Your Peepers with UV400 Protection

You either prioritize safety when you go mountain biking, or you don’t go mountain biking for very long.

But what about your eyes?

Are your sunglasses taking care of them?

Runners Sunglasses will.

They feature UV400 protection, so you can enjoy the sun without letting it damage your eyes.

Oh, and they completely eliminate glare, too. Mountain biking is enough of a challenge without losing sight of the trail ahead.

Need Some Time to Decide? How About 100 Days?

As you can probably tell, we really love our mountain biking sunglasses.

But we know you’ll want to ride with them for a few days before you’re sold.

Fine by us.

In fact, take 100 days. If you decide they’re not for you, send them back for a complete refund – no questions asked!

Check out our selection.

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