The Best Trail Running Sunglasses

Updated 3.7.22

As a trail runner, you’re comfortable straying from the beaten path – literally.

At Runner Sunglasses, so are we. Our ultralight polarized sunglasses aren’t like the others. We designed them to fit perfectly and stay in place no matter where the trail takes you.

And while trail running tends to be a solitary sport, we know the rest of your life probably isn’t. So, Runners Sunglasses look great for everyday wear, too.

Polarized Trail Running Sunglasses That You Can Wear for Hours

Whether your idea of a fun trail run lasts 30 minutes or 3 hours, you’ll never need to slow down because your sunglasses have become uncomfortable. At only 26 grams, you’d forget you’re even wearing Runners Sunglasses if not for their outstanding UV protection.

Our No-Slip Sunglasses Are Ready for Challenging Trails

Sunglasses shouldn’t slow you down.

That’s why our ultralight polarized sunglasses are practically weightless.

But it’s also why we designed them with spring hinges that grip your nose without chafing it or becoming uncomfortable.

These no-slip running sunglasses will always stay in place, whether you’re picking up the pace or going up and down hills. Enjoy the trail without worrying that your sunglasses will hold you back.  

Keep Your Eyes Safe with UV400 Protection

Runners Sunglasses are armed with UV400 protection, so you can run right under the sun for hours at a time, day after day, without putting your eyes at risk from harmful UV rays.

These polarized sunglasses completely eliminate glare, so you’ll never run into any surprises with your next step.

We’ll Give You 100 Days to Test Out Our Sunglasses

That’s right. We know you’ll love our polarized sunglasses so much that we’ll give you 100 days to send them back if you’re not completely in love. We’ll refund your money – no questions asked!

Check out our selection.

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