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About Our Hands-Free Dog Leashes

The Rove Hands-Free Leash is tailored for the dynamic needs of active dog owners. With an extended 6-foot length, integrated reflective detailing, and a convenient adjustable middle ring, this combines practicality, safety, and adaptability, making it indispensable during outdoor pursuits with your four-legged friend.

Designed to grant you unparalleled freedom of movement, the hands-free configuration ensures that running with your dog is always safe. The leash's adjustability feature allows seamless transitions between walking, jogging, and running, while the heavy-duty accessories provide steadfast reliability under various conditions.

If you walk your dog at night, the leash's reflective elements come to life, enhancing visibility and ensuring the safety of both you and your loyal companion. And the quick tie-up feature makes it easy to move the leash to an object when you need a moment of complete freedom.

What's more, this leash boasts a remarkable 5-in-1 functionality, offering versatility that matches whatever your activities entail. With an astounding load-bearing capacity of 500 lbs., you can trust its robust construction to withstand even the most spirited of outings.

And for those seeking additional length and storage convenience, our Runners Cross Body Bag seamlessly accommodates the Rove Hands-Free Leash with an external built-in attachment hook meticulously designed to complement the leash's form and function.

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